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Proposed speed limit changes

Speed limit review

What will happen next?

We’re currently analysing the more than 680 submissions that we received and will present recommendations at the Council meeting in February 2021. We will be sure to let the community know the outcome. We are also preparing for a city-wide speed limit review next year of all local roads and you’ll be invited to have your say.

To improve safety in our city, we want to change the speed limits on a number of local roads and put in place variable speed limits near some schools.

As our city has grown, some of the higher speed limits that are in place are no longer appropriate with the higher density of housing, vehicle volumes and the mix of cyclists and pedestrians using the streets.

The proposed changes are about improving safety, so that if an accident were to occur the chances of serious injury or death is reduced; and providing consistency with similar built up areas of the city.

This is the first stage of a city-wide speed limit review and represents the locations where we can achieve significant safety benefits for the community now. 

The roads that we are proposing speed limit changes to are areas of the city where we have received ongoing complaints about the speed limits and where the city has changed from a rural environment to an urban environment. With the exception of the school zones, all of the roads we are consulting on have existing speed limits greater than 50km/h, making safety risks higher at these sites.

Speed is a key component of the concerns raised for the five schools that we are seeking feedback on. We acknowledge that there are other schools that will benefit from variable speed limits too, and we will be able to include these in next year’s city-wide speed limit review.

The speed limit changes we're proposing

We’re proposing speed limit changes to the following roads:

Road What's proposed
Ohauiti Road Change some of the current 70km/h section to 50km/h by extending the 50km/h speed limit from 75m south of Summerhaven Place to 100m south of Adler Drive.
Welcome Bay Road Change current 60km/h speed limit sections of Welcome Bay Road to 50km/h. 
Kaitemako Road Change current 70km/h speed limit to 50km/h from opposite Waipuna Park to 60m south of Tobacco Hill. 
Change current 100km/h limit to 80km/h from 60m south of Tobacco Hill to 100m north of the Western Bay of Plenty District boundary.
Pyes Pa Road Change current 60km/h speed limit to 50 km/h from Barkes Corner roundabout to 80m south of Kennedy Road.
Oropi Road Change current 80km/h speed limit to 60 km/h between SH29A roundabout and Wood Road.
Parton Road Change current 70km/h section of Parton Road to 50km/h from 200m south of Tara Road roundabout to east of Gordon Spratt Reserve.  This will include the roundabout at Tara Road.
Tara Road Change speed limit of Tara Road from 80km/h to 60km/h.
Domain Road Change current 70km/h speed limit at the southern end of Domain Road to 50 km/h.
Maranui Street and Papamoa Beach Road Change all sections of Maranui Street and Papamoa Beach Road that are currently 60km/h to 50km/h.
Totara Street Change existing 60km/h speed limit on Totara Street to 50km/h from Hewletts Road to Rata Street.

We’re proposing 40km/h variable speed limits for a 30-45-minute period around school opening and closing times, when traffic and pedestrians peak around the school area.  They will revert back to the regular speed limit outside of those specified times. 

School What's proposed
Aquinas College, Pyes Pa 40km/h variable speed limit on Pyes Pa Road from 200m north of Joyce Road to 35M north of Freeburn Road.
Tauranga Intermediate School, Tauranga 40km/h variable speed limit on Fraser Street from 100m north of Brook Street to Seventeenth Avenue; Eighteenth Avenue from Fraser Street to Grace Road; and Grace Road from Eighteenth Avenue to Kaka Street.
Matua Primary School, Matua 40km/h variable speed limit on Levers Road from 25m south-west of Sylvania Drive to 30m east of Woods Avenue.
Golden Sands School, Papamoa 40km/h variable speed limit on Golden Sands Drive from 200m east of Kapuka Street to 20m south of Wairakei Avenue.
Taumata School, The Lakes 40km/h variable speed limit on Kennedy Road between the western end of Mortlake Heights and Flack Street; Mortlake Heights from 15m west of Audax Lane to Kennedy Road; and Te Ranga Memorial Drive from Kennedy Road to Turnbridge Street.


  • 2 November 2020
    Feedback opens Monday 2 November
  • 27 November 2020
    Feedback closes Friday 27 November
  • December 2020
    Feedback is collated
  • February 2021
    Recommendations to Council
  • March/April 2021
    Speed Limit changes come into effect     

What we’d like to know

Please read the Proposed Speed Limit Changes Consultation Document, and tell us if you support the proposed changes, if you don’t, and/or if you think we’ve got it right.

Consultation document (1.8.mb pdf)

Submissions closed 4pm on Friday, 27 November 2020

Your feedback

We are collating your feedback and provide proposed recommendations to the Mayor and Elected Members at a Council meeting in early 2021.

If you have any questions please contact the Transport team on 07 577 7000 or email info@tauranga.govt.nz

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