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Supporting the new bus service

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has launched a new Bayhopper bus service. The new service offers more frequent buses, more direct routes and stronger bus connections throughout the city.

Our role at Tauranga City Council is to help make it as easy as possible for people to catch the bus. We look after the physical infrastructure – things like bus stops, bus shelters, seats and bus lanes.

Who should I talk to about the new bus routes?

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is responsible for providing the new bus service. If you have any questions about the new bus routes, please contact the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. Visit Baybus website or phone 0800 4 BAYBUS (0800 4 229 287).

List of new bus stops (29kb pdf)

New bus stops

About 90 new bus stops are required along the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s new bus routes.

After a few months, once the new services are established, some of the new stops might need extra facilities like bus shelters, seats, and footpaths.

If you have any queries about physical bus stops, please call us at the city council on 07 577 7000.

What gets considered when deciding where to put the new bus stop?

Things we consider when finding the most appropriate site for a bus stop include:

  • How much room is available for the bus to safely approach and leave?
  • How safe is it for people to get to the bus stop?
  • Are there any pedestrian crossings nearby?
  • How easy is it for people to get on and off the bus?
  • How far away is it from other bus stops?

Why does Tauranga need a new bus service?

Tauranga is one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing cities. If we are to keep traffic congestion at manageable levels, we need to make it easier for more people to leave their cars at home. Public transport is an essential part of the solution, which is why we’re working with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council to make public transport easier and more convenient for more people.

Last Reviewed: 10/12/2018

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