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Te Okuroa Drive

Te Okuroa Drive is an arterial road in Papamoa that connects Parton Road to new development beyond Stevenson Drive.

With stages A, B, C, D and the first section of E complete (see map), Te Okuroa Drive is now extended to Stevenson Drive. The extension of Te Okuroa Drive to the current position offers a safe and easy connection from the Wairakei growth area to the Parton Road/Tara Road roundabout and provides an alternative link to Papamoa Beach Road, which is currently under a lot of pressure.

Work has started on the next 400m of Te Okuroa Drive beyond Stevenson Drive. Future stages of work will extend to a new interchange, yet to be built, which will connect to the state highway.

Te Okuroa Drive Map August 2019

Te Okuroa Drive construction stages (57kb pdf)

Te Okuroa Drive aerial Te Okuroa Drive aerial
Livingstone Drive roundabout in foreground looking east towards the future Stevenson Drive connection Livingstone Drive roundabout in foreground looking west towards Parton Road

Last Reviewed: 15/04/2021

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