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Totara Street improvements

We’ve been looking at different ways to make Totara Street safer and easier for everyone, for people driving heavy vehicles, people in commuter vehicles and people riding bikes.

Consultation is now closed. Thank you to everyone who gave feedback. We will be providing an update on the project soon.

We are proposing to add a two-way bike lane on one side of the road (on the Eastern side), widen the vehicle lanes and also the centre median to better accommodate heavy vehicles. More details about this proposal are provided below.

Totara Street is a nationally strategic corridor that supports commercial and industrial activities. It is also the most direct link between the Mount and Tauranga CBD. This corridor is also recognised as a key strategic corridor for people on bikes.

Council has been looking at a number of options to improve safety and operational issues along the corridor, as well as providing cycle lanes that will form a continuous, safe and convenient route for people to access the city centre by bike.

What’s our goal?

  • Significantly improve cycling facilities along Totara Street by providing a two-way dedicated cycleway, which is physically separated from traffic and heavy vehicles
  • Ensure this strategically significant corridor is enhanced by addressing some operational and safety issues associated with heavy vehicle turning movements. This will be achieved by increasing lane widths and the flush median to allow improved turning movements for heavy vehicles existing and entering industrial properties
  • Extend the cycle facilities from Hewlett’s Road into Kawaka Street and Blake Park.

Check out this video below where this type of facility is being successfully used in Auckland.

Project details

  • The two-way cycleway is 3m wide (excluding the provision of barriers) and the overall length is 1.7km
  • The cycleway is physically separated from traffic by the use of raised kerbs
  • The cycleway crosses from the eastern side of Totara Street to the western side of Totara Street close to the Kawaka St intersection and extends to Rata Street connecting into Coronation Park
  • A review of all intersections including Triton, Maui and Hull with Triton and Hull likely requiring signalization to manage conflicts and growth in the area.
  • An additional crossing facility north of the Hewlett’s intersection to facilitate crossing movements across Totara to access the cycle path (where currently cyclists are using the flush median. This means the cycle way will remain on the western alignment with a crossing facility proposed between the Fulton Hogan and the Downer site.
  • Consideration of options relating to the retail area between Triton and Hull Intersection

What else did we consider?

  • Off-road biking/walking path
  • On-road bike lane
  • A mix of both.

While the off-road facility has some advantages, it doesn’t enable us to address some of the wider safety and operational issues that affect people driving cars and trucks.

Next steps

  • Consultation closed on 7 October 2017. This was followed by a review of the issues raised through the feedback process. 
  • Council endorsed the preferred option at the Transport Committee meeting on 12th February 2018. This is subject to funding for the project being finalised through the Council’s Long Term Plan.
  • Council will continue to work with local businesses and stakeholders throughout the duration of the design and construction.
  • Council is commencing an education initiative for local businesses, general public and users of the cycleway.
  • This project is currently on hold until further notice.

Last Reviewed: 11/03/2019

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