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Turret Road and Hairini Bridge improvements

We want to make Turret Road and the Hairini Bridge safer and easier for people who live and work in this area, and for people who commute along Turret Road and 15th Avenue each day.

This road is an important component in the Tauranga transport network, and is essential for moving thousands of people every day across the city. Our focus is primarily on people’s safety, while looking for ways to balance everyone’s travel needs whether they’re walking, biking, riding on mobility scooters, catching the bus or driving.  

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The challenges with Turret Road and Hairini Bridge

The Hairini Bridge was built in the 1960s. We’ve been investigating the bridge structure to see what sort of extra loading it can take.

Whether we upgrade the existing bridge or build a new bridge to meet current national structural standards, the cost will be significant, possibly in the region of $60 million.

Any proposal to upgrade Turret Road and the Hairini Bridge presents us with a number of challenges. These include the proximity to the Waimapu Estuary, the high cultural and environmental significance of the area, location of protected pohutukawa, important bird habitats and any impact on private properties.

What options are we looking at?

  • Providing additional lanes for priority vehicles, such as buses and/or high occupancy vehicles, and improved walking and cycling facilities.
  • 3-lane tidal flow on the existing Hairini bridge (including a separate bridge for pedestrians and cyclists).
  • 4-lanes on a new bridge structure (including a separate pathway for pedestrians and cyclists).

Next steps

Before a decision can be made on the best option, further work needs to be done on:

  • ongoing contact with local property owners, hapu and key stakeholders
  • traffic modelling and safety audits.

A presentation on this topic was made to the Transportation Committee on 10 December 2018.

Te Papa Pennnisula East Access Update (6mb pdf)

Turret Road and Hairini Bridge concept plans - pages 1-5 (1.5mb pdf)
Turret Road and Hairini Bridge concept plans - pages 6-8 (6.6mb pdf)
Turret Road and Hairini Bridge concept plans - pages 9-10 (8.6mb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 15/05/2019

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