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Wairakei landscape plan

Tauranga City Council has prepared a landscape plan for part of the 15km long Wairakei Stream reserve corridor.

The landscape plan will provide a template for enhancement of 10km of reserve over the next 10 years. It includes features such as planting, cultural recognition, signage and pathways. 

The landscape plan covers stormwater reserve land extending from Pacific View Road to the Te Tumu boundary, including Taylor Reserve. The landscape plan recognises the heritage value and cultural significance that the area has for Tangata Whenua. The plan provides for structures, cultural art and traditional practices in the reserve. 

The land on either side of the Wairakei Stream is primarily stormwater reserve land. Stormwater reserves are designed to flood as a way to manage excess stormwater after heavy rain events. Improving water quality is an important aspect of the landscape plan.

Over the last decade, Tauranga City Council’s investment in dual shared walking and cycling pathways has also helped the Wairakei Reserve grow into a valuable recreation and commuter route.

Below you will find a few questions and answers that will provide more insight into this project and what it’s aiming to achieve.

What is happening?

Tauranga City Council has started work to enhance sections of the Wairakei Stream reserve as part of the first phase of implementing the Te Ara o Wairakei Landscape Plan. We’ve consulted with the public and heard your aspirations for the Wairakei Stream corridor.

Why is this happening?

The purpose of the plan is to enhance the 10-kilometre-long stormwater reserve – between Pacific View Road in Papamoa and the Te Tumu boundary, including Taylor Reserve - encouraging people’s use and enjoyment of the area. 

The intent is to protect and enhance ecological and cultural values, including the planting an estimated 500,000 native plants along the stream. 

Besides managing stormwater, the reserve will include more walkways and cycling routes. It will also express the heritage and cultural significance that the area has for Tangata Whenua, through cultural art, signage and traditional practices in the reserve. 

Public consultation happened at the start of the project, and your feedback was integrated into the design.

Where will the work be taking place?

Work will be completed in two stages. Through to the end of 2019 work on stage one will be taking place through the Wairakei area, including the landward side of the Wairakei Stream from Pacific View Road through to Golden Sands Drive. 

Work on stage two will be taking place through the Te Tumu area. This area encompasses the rural zoned land from the eastern end of Papamoa Beach Road, eastward to the Kaituna River. Plans for this area will be further developed following rezoning in the next five years. 

What will the landscape project achieve? 

As part of the plan, 10 kilometres of the Wairakei stormwater reserve will be enhanced with new plants, landscaping, park furniture, signage and upgrades to the existing amenities. 

This includes: 

  • 11km of new cycleways and pathways - A series of bridges, cycleways, pathways, and boardwalks will be installed along the reserve. Many walkways will be widened. 
  • 25 hectares of vegetation enhancement - This includes trimming, crown lifting and removal of vegetation in some areas to improve safety, creation of 51 sediment retention wetlands, wetland and shrub planting, and shade trees with park benches.
  • New signage - Signage identifying exits, roads, and wayfinding within the reserve will be installed, as well as special signs that recognise places of cultural and historical importance.

How will the work impact me?

Throughout 2019, certain phases of the work will require the use of machinery to undertake the landscape works. Disruption to residential areas is expected to be minimal, and each stage of work will progress quickly. 

Wairakei Landscape plan flyer (2mb pdf)

Who do I contact if I have a concern?

If you have any concerns, or would like further information, please contact council on 07 577 7000, or email: info@tauranga.govt.nz 

Stage 1: Wairakei landscape plan

Te Ara O Wairakei & Taylor Reserve Landscape Design Report pages 1-41 (484kb pdf)
Appendix 1 pages 42-63 (360kb pdf)
Appendix 2 pages 64-194 (16mb pdf)
Appendix 3 pages 195-208 (28mb pdf)
Appendix 4 pages 209-251 (31mb pdf)


Last Reviewed: 21/12/2018


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