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Council’s vision and strategies process

More detailed timeline on the process

Preparation work underway or completed

  • the community outcomes (already completed and adopted via the Long-term Plan) and three strategic approaches that underpin our work, are established
  • stocktake of all Council strategies and plans
  •  ‘At A Glance’ documents drafted for each strand of the framework providing a snapshot of:
    • Council’s key goals and priorities
    • what council is currently doing
    • what the council plans to do
    • where there are gaps that council needs to address
    • what other opportunities exist
    • how the council will measure success

December 2021 - February 2021

  • workshops and engagement with sector groups to ‘test’ the content of the summaries
  • draft framework (City Vision and At A Glance documents for each strand) reported to Council

February – April 2022

  • workstreams established for each of the strands to identify and finalise more detailed content, and cross-matching how each of the strands can complement and weave in together
  • existing strategies and plans will be refreshed as required and positioned within the framework, with new strategies and plans being developed to fill identified gaps

May – July 2022

  • finalise the draft strategic framework, including its underpinning strategies and plans
  • community feedback sought
  • community feedback considered and a final version will go to Council for adoption in July 2022.

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