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Strategic focus

Tauranga is facing exponential change. With the changing external environment, and the pressures the city is facing, in terms of housing and transport especially, we need to ensure that we are investing in the right things. 

We are developing a number of high level strategies to guide the future of our city. These strategies will be aspirational, focussed on outcomes rather than issues, and will help us shape our city now and into the future. These strategies will support decision making by better understanding city dynamics, improving the quality of our information, and collaborating with partners.

As the strategies are developed, we are looking at the dependencies and tensions between them, the ways in which we can measure success and the ways Council, our strategic partners and our communities can work together to deliver them. This work includes consideration of our current strategies, which tackle more focussed issues and topics. Some will remain unchanged, while some may be incorporated in the new strategies, and others may be superseded altogether. 

Current strategies

Once finalised, this will provide a complete strategic framework to build a great future for our city and our communities.



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