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Southern Pipeline

The Southern Pipeline is a large wastewater pipeline that will divert much of the city’s wastewater across the harbour to the treatment plant at Te Maunga. The Chapel Street wastewater treatment plant is struggling to cope with growth pressure, whereas the treatment plant at Te Maunga has room for future expansion. 
The Southern Pipeline will relieve the enormous burden that is on the Chapel Street treatment plant, allowing the plant to improve its performance. The new pipeline will give the city’s wastewater network some much-needed capacity which will reduce the risk of sewer overflows into the harbour.
Most of the pipeline has been completed. The Southern Pipeline is fully operational from Maleme Street to Memorial Park. The new pump station in Memorial Park has been constructed.
Remaining sections are a 400m length between Matapihi Road and Te Maunga, and the harbour crossing. To cross the harbour, the pipeline will be drilled 15 – 40m under the harbour bed between Matapihi and Memorial Park. Construction will be completed by the end of 2017. 

At October 2016, the projected final cost sits at around $99 million.


Southern Pipeline Image

Last Reviewed: 11/04/2017