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Tauranga City Council has enjoyed sister city relationships with Yantai China for 31 years and Hitachi Japan for 27 years. The city has also had an international friendly cities relationship with Ansan, South Korea since 2014.

These relationships have historical importance, along with social and economic benefit for the community. In recent years Tauranga City Council has developed a model focused on delivering mutually beneficial outcomes targeted to the city’s vision of being an internationally competitive city. To achieve this, Tauranga City Council retains the overall coordination of the sister cities activities while contracting other organisations to deliver on key outcomes in the Western Bay of Plenty’s international strategy. These organisations provide regular reporting to Council on achievements and tracking against objectives. Current priorities include:

  1. Supporting investment and trading relationships. Attracting targeted international trade and investment can help create jobs, diversify our industry base and grow local business, governance and export skills. 
  2. Attracting talent.  Skills shortages and an overall ageing workforce are a challenge throughout New Zealand.  To remain competitive, Tauranga needs to attract and retain skilled migrants, grow international tourist visitor numbers, attract and retain international students and support temporary flows of migrant workers in key local industries.
  3. Partnerships.  Developing and maintaining international relationships is the basis on which to build enduring and mutually beneficial trade and investment opportunities.

The contact person for sister cities is the Mayor's EA: Maree King phone 577 7011.

Last Reviewed: 22/09/2017

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