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Project Tauranga partners

Millions of dollars in funding and in-kind support has been provided by Project Tauranga parnters to many valuable community projects.

These include recreational facilities like the BMX track on Cambridge Road; community facilities like the ASB Arena; and education programmes like Birds, Bees Kids and Trees and school holiday coding workshops, to name just a few.

Project Tauranga partners have also funded picnic tables and park benches, public barbeques, and a water refill station at the base of the Mauao walking track and also helped transform our iconic waterfront into a vibrant and exciting destination.

Project Tauranga partners and projects

  • Safe City, City on its Feet, Mount Surf Reef

  • Sydenham Botanical Gardens

  • ASB Arena

  • Safe City

  • City Partnership Programme, The Elms Historic Museum

  • TECT All Terrain Park, Acorn Foundation, Mount Surf Reef, Baywave, Mauao Flood Restoration, Bay of Plenty Sailing Centre

  • The Elms Historic Museum, World Water Day, Mount Surf Reef, Tauranga Moana Coastal Cycle Trail, Aquafil Water Dispenser Project, Stormwater Education Signage, Blake Park third Hockey Turf, Strand EV Charger, Papamoa Surf Club, Meredith Hall, Otumoetai Sports, Merivale Action Centre

  • Gordon Charmichael Reserve, Tangaroa Statue, Aquafil Water Dispenser Project, Kaka Street Reserve Full Access Playground, Hartford Ave BBQ,
    Hairy Maclary and Friends Tauranga Waterfront Statue Project

  • Kopurererua Valley Restoration, Birds Bees Kids and Trees

  • Tauranga Art Gallery Exhibitions, Tauranga Art Gallery, Play in the Bay

  • Acorn Foundation, BOP Cricket, BOP Sailing Centre

  • Kopurererua Valley Restoration, Whareroa Beach Replenishment,Waterfront Upgrade, Stream and Estuary Clean-up Programme, Tauranga Waterfront

  • Acorn Foundation, Battle of Gate Pa 150 years event, Street Prints Mauao

  • Creative Tauranga, Safe City, BOP Sailing Centre

  • Earth Hour, Tank Banner, Healthy Homes

  • BMX track in Cambridge Road, Safe City and Pump track at Gordon Spratt reserve

  • Tank Banner

  • Baywave, McLaren Falls Disabled Access way, CBD Christmas Tree Project, Karewa Parade Viewing Platform
  • Harrison Grierson logo

  • Bellyful and 100% Summer without Substances, Pump track at Gate Pa School


  • Acorn Foundation

  • Kopurererua Valley Restoration, City Partnership Programme, Children's Day

  • BBQ for Pilot Bay, Night Before Christmas event, The Elms Historic Museum, Kaka Street Reserve Full Access Playground

  • Paradox: Tauranga Street Art Festival

  • Beach access mat

  • Kopurererua Valley Restoration

  • Defibrillators for Sports Centres, Safe City, Anti-Graffiti programme, Arataki Community Centre, Mens' Night Shelter and Homeless Shelter

  • Baywave

  • Kopurererua Valley Restoration, Project Tauranga Programme, TEDx Tauranga, Paradox: Tauranga Street Art Festival

  • Kopurererua Valley Restoration, BMX Track relocation, Brain Watkins House strategic plan, TECT All Terrain Park

  • Creative Tauranga, BOP Polytechnic Charity Build
    Kaka Street Reserve Playground, Rocket Slide Memorial Park

  • Cycle Power, Baywave, BMX Club Relocation, Travel Safe, TEDx Tauranga, Paradox: Tauranga Street Art Festival

  • Mount Surf Reef, Bay of Plenty Sailing Centre,Tauranga Hockey Turf Upgrade.

  • Wairoa River Cycle Bridge


  • Creative Tauranga, The Elms Historic Museum, Hairy Maclary Project

  • Beach access mat

  • Papamoa Library and Paradox Virtual Reality

  • Tauranga City Aquatics Ltd, Tauranga Environment Centre

  • Council Direct

  • Healthy Homes, Electric Vechicle Charging Station

  • GardenArt, Kopurererua Valley Restoration, Kaka Street Reserve Full Access Playground Development

  • Baywave, Mount Surf Reef, TECT All Terrain Park, TECT Arena, Bay of Plenty Sailing Centre, Mount Greens Project, The Elms Historic Museum, Kaka Street Reserve Full Access Playground,Tauranga Hockey Turf Upgrade, Kopurererua Valley Bridges

  • Children’s Day

  • Bay of Plenty Sailing Centre, Mount Greens Project, TECT Arena, Baypark Roof. Kaka Street Reserve Full Access Playground. Tauranga Hockey Turf Upgrade

  • Dance-o-mat and Community Awards

  • Papamoa Library & Community Centre, New Year at the Mount
    Orange Day School Traffic Controllers Parade, Kapa Haka Festival

  • Wairoa River Cycle Bridge
  • WT Partnership logo

  • Supports Merivale Community Centre and Surf Lifesaving

Last Reviewed: 29/08/2017

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