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TECT All Terrain Park wins ‘Outstanding Park’ award

The TECT All Terrain Park in Western Bay has won recognition as New Zealand’s ‘Outstanding Park’.

The New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) announced the win at the Outstanding Awards 2011 gala evening in Dunedin on 17 November.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council Manager of Reserves and Facilities, Peter Watson, and Tauranga City Council Strategic Planner, Cheryl Steiner were at the ceremony to accept the award.

Peter says he and the park project team are elated the park has been recognised by the recreation industry as the most outstanding park for 2011.

"This prestigious award recognises seven years of hard work, challenges and opportunities and is a huge credit to the combined resources of Western Bay District and Tauranga City councils, user groups, volunteers, local businesses, Bay Trust and our lead sponsor the Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust (TECT).

“Without TECT’s shared vision and support, we would not have achieved this success.”

Cheryl says the challenge ahead is for the project team and user groups to continue forging ahead to develop quality facilities in the park for the enjoyment of clubs and the wider public.

“The park’s motto is “Come out and play” – so we hope this success will encourage even more people in the region to visit the park and see what it has to offer.”

Western Bay Mayor Ross Paterson credits the park’s success to the commitment of community groups to roll up their sleeves and take part in development and also to the partnerships between the two councils and TECT.

“This award is a fantastic result. We all share the commitment to create an open space that can be enjoyed by everyone and that also reflects our duty to protect natural landscapes and to preserve our rich culture on a sub-regional scale.

“The vision and support for the development of this park by the late Western Bay Mayor Graeme Weld and former district councillor Sam Dunlop must also be acknowledged. This has been one of the greatest initiatives the two councils have progressed.”
Reflecting on the park’s original choice as a suitable area where displaced sports such as motorsport and shooting could be enjoyed free of conflict with urban interests, Mayor Paterson says the park has expanded its horizon to serve as a multi-purpose asset for passive recreation, active outdoor sports, educational opportunities and cultural and environmental protection.

“This is the largest adventure park of its kind in the North Island and is a place where people from Western Bay, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo and Waikato can come and play.”

Tauranga City Mayor Stuart Crosby says acknowledgement of the park’s excellence on a national level is a great achievement and speaks volumes for the efforts of everyone involved in developing the park.

“This award is great news for the sub-region and can only enhance the park’s national significance and its ability to bring economic benefit to the region.”

TECT Trust Chairman Michael Cooney says the determination of community groups to secure a permanent home for their recreational pursuits and the commitment of local authorities to support that endeavour have been at the heart of the park’s success.

He also credits the success of the park to the collaborative partnership of the two councils to work in the interests of the community to provide a recreational, educational and sporting platform.

“This commitment of the councils and the wider community was the spark that ignited TECT to back the park financially. I congratulate the two councils and their staff on this superb achievement.”

Entrants in the Outstanding Park award were assessed on innovation, community engagement, excellence, achievement, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.

TECT All Terrain Park website

Published: Monday, 28 Nov 2011 09:00 by Tauranga City Council