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Tertiary campus moves one step closer...

Tauranga City Council has agreed to make land available to the Tertiary Partnership (a Trust set up to establish a full university campus in Tauranga City).  The land, currently used as a large parking space in Durham St, will still remain in Council ownership, and will only be used should sufficient funding be secured from other stakeholders for development of the campus.   Having secured land tenure enables the Partnership to now approach potential funders with a much greater likelihood of success.  This decision by the Council is a major step forward for the Partnership, the City and those organisations such as Priority One who have been working on this proposal for so long.   The establishment of a tertiary campus is seen by the Council as a way to continue the economic growth of the City and to provide for all forms of continuing education to young and old.  A campus will also support research for other economic projects such as the planned Marine Precinct and bring life and vibrancy to the city centre.   The Tertiary Partnership made up of Waikato University, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi created a comprehensive business case that demonstrated to the Council the viability of the proposal however a further updated business case and detailed project plan will need to be presented before final approval is given. One of the conditions attached to the agreement is that the Tertiary Partnership makes provision for replacement of the carparks in its development and that the current income from the carparks be secured by the Council on an inflation adjusted basis. The model of partnership is innovative and reflects a stepped change in terms of tertiary provision for the city. The project will have a direct impact on social welfare and future economic growth. If the development proceeds the Tertiary Partnership will have use of the land at no cost for 33 years at which time it would move to a fully commercial arrangement.  The Council did not agree to waive the fees normally associated with a development of this kind such as Development Contributions which are fees recovered for infrastructure needed to sustain the city's growth.   The Council will be seeking public feedback on the proposal in its draft Ten Year Plan - out for consultation in March.

Published: Thursday, 26 Jan 2012 15:00 by Tauranga City Council