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Phoenix park

Mount Maunganui’s new urban green space development, at 123-141 Maunganui Road, will provide a new space for everyone to enjoy by December 2018.

It will feature grass areas to play and relax, native trees to provide shade and a flexible space for events and activities all year round.

The park is designed for people to enjoy. It will create a greater sense of belonging for our community by encouraging social interaction through a shared space to rest and play. The new space will support the growing visitor and residential population by inviting people to stay longer in the Mount CBD, with local businesses enjoying the economic benefits through increased foot traffic. 

What’s happening

Works at Mount Maunganui’s new urban green space development will kick off on Monday, 2 July. This step of the transformation will see the site fenced off from 2 July onwards so works can begin. To prepare the site for the development the remaining six Phoenix palms will come down. Following this, construction of the new space will take place, including stormwater system upgrades.

The construction fences will be turned into pieces of art as part of the Mount Enviro Fest in July, organised by Mount Maunganui’s CBD membership association, Mount Mainstreet. Six Mount Maunganui schools will beautify the construction fences and everyone is invited to celebrate the artwork, with plenty of activities going on at the event at Mount Mainstreet on Saturday, 21 July.

Transforming the area into a park started end of March 2018 and is making way for new native plants greening the space. A mix of native trees will be planted on site with a pōhutukawa being the feature tree of the new space, attracting birds and representing the region’s signature coastal tree. Over time, the combination of species will provide the site with enhanced shade. The new park will also be home to low growing native shrubs and grasses, representing our coastal environment.


Our natural environment is our greatest asset. It attracts people to live in or visit our city. To support our native forests and wild places, Council strongly supports planting native species in our urban areas. They are our taonga and Council provides opportunities for new native plantings, to support whenever possible existing native plants and trees.

We’ve considered the layout of the park in combination with the species to be planted. Trees will be planted around the perimeter, with the underground pipes of the upgraded stormwater system in the centre of the park. The majority of plants chosen have less extensive root systems and will have a lower impact on everything underground. This will enable us to maintain and manage the new space efficiently and in the best interest of residents, visitors and businesses.

Eight Phoenix palms will be retained and eight palms will be removed in the centre of the site to provide opportunities for native planting and to create a more flexible multi use space. The Phoenix palm is recognised as a pest plant by Tauranga City Council. They are displacing native plant species and can be a haven for pest animals. Council is actively removing them and replacing them where appropriate.

The removal of the palms is also required for Council to replace the stormwater system, which has been damaged by the palm roots. The first two Phoenix palms have been removed and in July the remaining six Phoenix palms will come down to prepare the site for the next steps of development.


The final urban space design will retain 14 car parks, including mobility car parks, and four car parks adjacent to the site along Maunganui Road. The May Street car park will remain open throughout the development. Twelve extra parking spaces have been added to the car park and a part of Shadelands Lane. Four temporary spaces have been created for mobility parking near the development.

New car parking spaces have been added in Nikau Crescent (25 spaces), Prince Avenue (16 spaces) and the May Street car park and Shadelands Lane (12 spaces). These are in addition to car parking already available in those areas and are located within two minutes walking distance to the Mount Mainstreet shopping area.

In the near future, May Street car park will become a P180 zone, however parking fees won’t apply. P180 will help increase the turnover of cars with more car parks available for people visiting Mount Mainstreet to shop and dine.

Mauao Properties Ltd development

Council is working collaboratively with Mauao Properties Ltd who is redeveloping the site at 113-121 Maunganui Road, adjacent to the northern end of the park, providing an active edge to the new urban space including outdoor dining facilities.

Mauao Properties Ltd demolished the existing building at 113-121 Maunganui Road with a new development being constructed. The new premises will house some high profile retailers along Maunganui Road. Additionally, there will be several hospitality offerings opening out onto the new open green space, where residents and visitors alike can enjoy food and beverages, all while soaking up the atmosphere.

Currently, Eves and Mount Mainstreet occupy temporary accommodation on site. Council agreed to provide a temporary space for Eves to enable the Mauao Properties redevelopment to proceed as planned. The temporary accommodation area is being provided fully at Mauao Properties Ltd’s cost. Council’s assistance has been provided on the understanding that there will be no impact on the cost, timing or quality of Council’s construction work, and with the condition that Mount Mainstreet was also provided space in the temporary accommodation area. Mount Mainstreet has chosen to use it as storage.

The construction works on both the park and 113-121 Maunganui Road site are being coordinated to minimise disruption for the public. We’ve chosen the off-season for construction to limit the impact on surrounding retailers. Both projects are scheduled to be completed and open in December 2018. 

Concept design 

Council consulted on an initial draft concept design for Phoenix Park from December 2015 to March 2016 and received many fantastic ideas back from the community. In response to the community feedback, the concept plan for the new park was revisited. It now incorporates many new exciting elements. It also has more grass and green areas and is still highly flexible, allowing it to be used for events such as markets. It allows for up to 20 carparks to be temporarily retained onsite.

Phoenix Park revised concept design (430kb pdf)


Elected Members resolved on 18 April 2017 to proceed with the implementation of the Phoenix Park open space development, whilst retaining up to 20 carparks on site and relocating 55 carparks elsewhere in the Mount Maunganui CBD.

Last Reviewed: 29/06/2018

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