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Cycling & Walkways

Tauranga City Council has an Tauranga Transport Strategy which includes all existing and future walk way and cycle way provision in Tauranga City.

The Integrated Transport Strategy includes the planning and construction of walking and cycle tracks in Tauranga. Implementation of the Integrated Transport Strategy is through the Transportation Team (when on road networks) and through the Parks and Leisure Team when on public reserves such as around the inner harbour.

Tauranga Transport Strategy

Urban Cycleways Programme 

Council also has a number of Reserve Management Plans which details specific parks and the walkways within them.  

Reserve Management Plans

Bike Wise

Bike Wise is New Zealand’s national programme of activities, which promote cycling as a fun, healthy and safe way to travel.

Bike Wise Month is held in February each year and is packed with local cycling activities for cyclists of all abilities.

For more information go to the Bikewise website

Did you know? We maintain a network of 70km of on-road cycle lanes and add about 7km to it every year.

Last Reviewed: 19/04/2017