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Hauora, haumaru me te oranga a kaikirimana

Contractor Health, Safety and Wellbeing

When working with Council as a contractor you have shared duties with us for protecting the health and safety of yourself and others, the following sections cover our prequalification, induction and reporting requirements.

Contractor pre-qualifications schemes

Tauranga City Council accepts a number of health and safety pre-qualification types. This is to ensure council is using contractors who operate with effective health and safety management systems to prevent harm to people and the environment or damage to property.

SHE Pre-qual

Our preferred pre-qualification scheme is SHE pre-qual, if you have no other pre-qualification you can apply using the links below.

Commence your application

Tip: Consider setting up a folder on your desktop to save all evidence required to enable easy uploading into the application.

As contractors become pre-qualified, company/industry details will be accessible on a database.

SHE Pre-qualified contractor database

This provides visibility to contractors and council staff to identify who is approved, assisting with the tendering process and council procurement.


This is an accreditation scheme that provides a standard for any prequalification provider to align with. There are currently 4 providers that contractors can choose from (they’ll all have different fees so this allows the contractor to choose the one best suited to their business structure).

Check the accredited providers


Depending on the type of work you will do for us, we may also accept other types, such as ISO45001 accreditation, IMPAC and ISNetworld. If you have another type of pre-qualification please check with us if we’ll accept your current pre-qualification for the work you will do by contacting safety@tauranga.govt.nz.

Contractor Induction Video

As a contractor for Tauranga City Council, you have a vital role to play in our community. The induction video explains our commitment to keeping everyone safe and our expectations of you while you work with us. There are two ways to watch the video, your contact at council will advise which one to complete.


This option will require you to log in and it will record that you have completed the induction. Select the link below, enter your email address and the below code.


Code: ‘Gen1’
Note: Please include your business name when completing the profile registration


This option will not record that you have completed the induction

Reporting Incidents

We are continually reviewing how we manage health and safety here at Tauranga City Council and have made changes to our notifications, reporting and investigations – please see the attached table. This sets our expectations around notifying, reporting and investigating of health and safety incidents or events to ensure we meet our duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act. The requirements have been scaled according to the events’ actual or potential harm.

Event severity and investigation levels (61kb pdf)

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