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Ture whakahaere taiao me te whakaaetanga hangahanga

RMA and building compliance

To operate a licensed premises you must comply with the Resource Management Act (RMA) and the Building Code and have an alcohol 100f certificate from council.

All new alcohol licence applications must be accompanied by an alcohol 100f certificate.

There are alcohol 100f certificates for on-licences, off-licences and club licences. These are issued once it’s demonstrated that the sale or supply of alcohol fully complies with the Tauranga City Plan requirements and the Building Code.

Your premises may already comply with RMA and the Tauranga City Plan requirements if it holds a certificate of compliance, a resource consent or an existing use certificate issued by council, and there are no changes proposed which would affect these permits.

If your premises doesn’t comply, you will need to apply for one of the following and have it approved first:

Certificate of compliance

If your premises is able to satisfy all permitted activity conditions, including the provision of appropriate on-site car parking contained in the City Plan you can apply for a certificate of compliance.

Resource consent

If the activity does not comply with the City Plan requirements, you will need to apply for a resource consent.

Existing use certificate

If the premises does not meet permitted activity conditions in the City Plan, but was lawfully established under a prior council planning document, you will need an existing use certificate. You must provide proof that the activity met the permitted activity conditions of the Plan at the time the activity was established.


If the planning and building meets the requirements, you can apply for a sale and supply of alcohol certificate. If there are no issues with the information provided, the timeframe for processing is 20 working days.

Use the form below to apply for an alcohol 100f certificate, certificate of compliance, resource consent or existing use certificate.

Resource consent application forms Online PDF Word
All consent application types (RMA, LGA, HASHAA) - (116kb pdf) (413kb word)
Pre-application meeting request - (118kb pdf) (428kb word)

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