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Objecting to licence applications

If you are affected by an alcohol licence application, you might want to make a formal objection. 

You must have a greater interest than the general public to make an objection to an alcohol licence application or renewal. You have a greater interest if you are:

  • a resident in the area
  • an adjacent business affected by the licence application or concerned about the proposed activity having an adverse effect.

Applications must be publicly notified either on our website or in the Bay of Plenty Times or Weekend Sun and a copy must also be displayed in a conspicuous place or an obvious visible area of the premises, during the notification period.

All alcohol licence applications are reviewed by the Police, the Medical Officer of Health and the Alcohol Licensing Inspector. Their recommendations are made to the District Licensing Committee to consider when making their decision.

Grounds for objection

Grounds for objection are slightly different for each type of licence and must relate to matters listed in Section 105 the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 Act. You must make specific reference to these matters in your objection.

Making an objection

Objections must be in writing and lodged with the District Licensing Committee within 15 working days of the first public notification.  
Options for an objection include:

  • sending a detailed letter stating the grounds for objection and whether or not you wish to appear at any hearing 
  • participating in a written group submission, nominating one or two representatives to appear and present the objection at the hearing

Sale and Supply of Alcohol

Public objections factsheet (85kb pdf)

Submit an alcohol licence objection

Last Reviewed: 23/02/2021

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