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Te tuari waipiro ki te Kapu Whutupōro o te Ao 2023

Supplying alcohol for the Rugby World Cup 2023

If you intend to open outside of your usual permitted trading hours to televise Rugby World Cup 2023 games live, you must provide a notification to Tauranga City Council and your nearest Police station.

The notification can be for one or more games and:

  • Must be in writing (either by post or email).
  • Must be received by both parties at least seven calendar days prior to each game, and
  • Must include a noise management plan.

You can make more than one notification, but each notification is to include:

  • The date of notification.
  • The name and contact details of licensee and premises.
  • The type of premises and type of licence held for the premises.
  • The capacity of the premises.
  • For each game: the teams playing (or, if unknown, the title of the game to be played, e.g. quarterfinal 1), the date, approximate opening and closing times (NZ time), and,
  • A plan to manage noise.

All notification forms should be filled out and sent to the Alcohol Licensing team – admindlc@tauranga.govt.nz.

Rugby World Cup 2023 notifications PDF Word
Notification template Rugby World Cup 2023 - (40kb doc)
RWC 2023 game details (52kb pdf) -
Display notice template – extended trading hours - (40kb doc)
Guidance for licensees (229kb pdf) -
Factsheet for licensees (164kb pdf) -
Flow chart – Rugby World Cup 2023 extended hours  (72kb pdf) -


Any questions about the forms or the notification process – email admindlc@tauranga.govt.nz or phone 07 577 7000 to speak with the team.

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