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Hopukanga tūmatanui

Filming in public open spaces

Tauranga provides one of the most beautiful and diverse backdrops for videography and photography purposes.

Depending on the scale of your project, filming in the city’s public open spaces might require prior approval. This includes in our parks, reserves (including Mauao and McLaren Falls park), roads, streets and footpaths and applies for general as well as commercial filming and photography. 

How long does it take to get approval?

Low impact filming and/or photography

A minimum of one-week notice is required if your project includes:

  • handheld camera/sound equipment
  • vehicles associated with the filming parked legally at all times
  • no trucks/trailers
  • no structures
  • no filming on roads
  • no disruption to the public, businesses or residents

Medium to high impact filming and/or photography

Filming that does not fall in to the above category requires further notice – please contact the city events team directly to discuss your requirements.  

Filming requiring road closures requires a minimum of four weeks’ notice.

Four steps to get approval

  1. Check if your project takes place within Tauranga's boundaries (322kb pdf)
  2. Fill out the filming in public places application form (119kb docx)
  3. Include a copy of your public liability insurance and a risk control plan
  4. Email the completed application form to our city events team filming@tauranga.govt.nz.

An event facilitator will be in touch if any other supporting documentation is required. On your behalf, we will liaise with the various asset managers within council to obtain approval of filming on the proposed sites. Following this, we will issue the approval letter.

Filming Fees

There is a fee associated with filming on public open space. Fees are set through Council’s Users Fees & Charges and are subject to change. The fee applied is dependent on the scale/complexity of the proposed filming.  Council’s Event & Film Facilitator will be able to advise the fee that will apply.

Filming facilitation fees (2023/24): 

  Half day (up to four hours) Full day                     
Low impact $106 $106
Medium impact $159 $318
High impact $318 $636
Audit fee - one off charge   $106

Film Bay of Plenty

Tauranga’s regional film office, Film Bay of Plenty, are on hand to service your production and help to grow screen media in the Bay of Plenty region. From location scouting through to crew and service provision, please feel free to contact Film Bay of Plenty for any local guidance or assistance.

Other helpful information

Flying drones or UAVs in Tauranga

McLaren Falls is one of our premium parks, 190 hectares of parkland set alongside Lake McLaren and is just ten minutes by car from Tauranga. Although the park is located in the Western Bay of Plenty district, it is managed by Tauranga City Council.

Want to discuss further?

City events team
Email: eventbookings@tauranga.govt.nz
Phone: 07 577 7000

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