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If you want to relocate an existing gambling or gaming venue within the City, you will need a Class 4 or TAB Venue Relocation Consent.

The relocation consent applies to all Class 4 gaming venues and all standalone TAB venues.

Applications must be made by a society or trust and cannot be made by an individual. The consent is specific to the venue.

Apply for a gaming licence

Once you have received a relocation consent from Council you must also apply for a gaming licence from the Department of Internal Affairs for Class 4 venues, and from the New Zealand Racing Board for standalone TAB venues.

Application form for Relocation Class 4 or TAB Venue Consent Class 4 or TAB Venue Consent (265kb pdf)

Indicative maps of the areas available for relocation are available below. If you require high resolution maps for the gaming venues in Tauranga, please contact info@tauranga.govt.nz

Indicative maps (2.1mb pdf)

Council policy

Tauranga City has a Gambling Venues Policy. It was updated on 4 December 2023. It does not allow any new gaming machine venues or TAB venues to open in the City, nor any new gaming machines to be operated. It does allow existing gaming machine or TAB venues to relocate to a different venue, provided the new venue meets the requirements for our consent. These requirements are set out in clause 5.4 of the policy and include:

  • The new venue is in commercial or industrial zones that are more than 100 m away from residential zones with a deprivation index of 9 or 10.
  • Council will consider the proximity of proposed venues to sensitive locations such as other gambling venues, schools, marae and places of worship, when assessing an application.
  • Except for TAB venues, the venue needs a current on-licence or club licence.
  • The primary activity of a Class 4 venue must not be gambling or associated with family or children’s activities.
  • The primary activity of a TAB must be for providing race and sports betting services.

The purpose of the policy is:

  • To control the growth of class 4 and TAB venue gambling in Tauranga.
  • To minimise the harm to the Tauranga community caused by class 4 and TAB venue gambling.
  • To allow people who wish to participate in gambling to continue to do so.
  • To define the parameters for when consent for a Class 4 or TAB venue will be granted.

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