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Evacuation bridges and high ground

Council’s tsunami planning has been informed by leading tsunami research. We know where a worst-case tsunami is predicted to go, how deep it will be and how quickly it will get there.

We know that it is possible to reach safe areas on foot before the tsunami floodwater reaches you, so long as you don’t wait too long after the initial earthquake.

This knowledge has enabled us to develop an evacuation strategy and start building evacuation bridges and safe areas to make sure that you can get to safety as easily as possible. 

  • Earthquake-proof bridges have been built so that people can get across the Papamoa open drain and Wairakei Stream. 

  • Earthquake-proof high ground has been built at Gordon Spratt Reserve. This is the first of four such tsunami structures that are planned and budgeted for.

  • The first evacuation maps were published in 2014 so that everyone can plan their own evacuation routes. In 2016 evacuation signs were installed along the coast. 

Why is there no time for official warnings? (482kb pdf) Evacuation infrastructure (3mb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 13/11/2017


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