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Hōtaka whakahiwa tai āniwhaniwha

Tsunami awareness programme

During December 2021 and January 2022, we are raising community awareness around the risk of tsunamis for the Tauranga area.

We will be making sure everyone knows what they need to do and have a plan in the case of an emergency.

Key community representatives and Tsunami Awareness Ambassadors will be out and about during the summer season, helping to raise awareness across the city. They will be at events, markets, and the beach. If you see them, make sure you stop by to chat and gain helpful information.

Tsunami awearness team

Things to remember:

  • Tsunamis are the greatest natural hazard risk for Tauranga.
  • If an Earthquake is ‘Long or Strong: Get Gone’. Don’t wait for an official warning; it may be too late.
  • Have a plan, know your plan, practice your plan – including your evacuation route.

Make a plan

You will find evacuation maps at our local beaches located in the ‘Red Zone’. These maps provide information about safe locations and accessible routes to these locations. You and your whānau need to have your own plan that you review frequently. If you are in a tsunami evacuation zone, you should practise your evacuation route, as in the event of an emergency, you need to know how to get to safety. Learn the best route from your house to the safe zones by looking at the maps or following the signs. It is key to make sure you have an alternative evacuation route if your primary route is not available due to an unfolding disaster.

Talk to your family about your individual plans. Know your children’s school evacuation plan or parents’ retirement villages evacuation plan and meeting points.

A vital part of an evacuation plan is an emergency bag. Work out what you will need in an emergency and have it ready to go.

Further information

What is a tsunami Fact sheet (2.1mb pdf) Tsunami FAQ (2.2mb pdf)
How a tsunami happens (181kb pdf) Make a plan (430kb pdf)

Tsunamis in New Zealand

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