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Kawa kirirarau

Citizenship ceremonies

The Mayor's Office of Tauranga City hosts approximately one citizenship ceremony each month.

During a ceremony, those taking part stand before an official person (normally the Mayor) and declare that they will honour King Charles III, obey the laws of New Zealand and be a good citizen. The ceremony is important and interesting. It is a time when friends and family can come together to recognise the change in citizenship – from the country of birth to the country of choice.

Those taking part can choose whether to say the Oath or the Affirmation of Allegiance. The Oath is taken on a book of religion, the Affirmation is non-religious.

Application for citizenship is made through the Department of Internal Affairs in Wellington.

Invitations to a citizenship ceremony are sent from the Department of Internal Affairs.

Citizen Ceremony 2023 dates

Citizen ceremonies resume from February 2023.  Note we allocate candidates based on when they were approved with invitations sent via email 3-5 weeks before the ceremony.

All ceremonies will be held at Baycourt

16 Feb 10.30am
1 March 10.30am
30 March 10.30am
4 May 10.30am
18 May 10.30am
22 June 10.30am
3 August 10.30am
31 August 10.30am
21 September 10.30am
8 November at 10.30am and 3pm
5 December 10.30am 
6 December at 2pm 
13 December at 10.30am

Frequently asked questions

No as you will become a NZ Citizen at the ceremony and the certificate is presented as confirmation of your NZ Citizenship.

We will invite you to the next available ceremony. Depending on where you are located the invitation could be sent within 1 to 5 months.

You can continue to travel on your overseas passport as normal. Once you attend a ceremony you become a NZ Citizen and your resident visa is cancelled.

You may at this point have trouble returning to NZ on your overseas passport

Invitations are sent via email

Contact us

Citizenship ceremonies are held monthly, if you have any further queries regarding these ceremonies please contact maree.king@tauranga.govt.nz.

New Zealand Government - NZ citizenship

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