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Super Support

Food isn’t something anyone should have to worry about. But with rising costs and other needs, some in our older community are struggling to afford or access food.

To help ensure no-one goes without, we’ve partnered with several community organisations to provide Super Support, a new food and wrap-around support service for our 65+ community.

What is Super Support:

Super Support is a free service providing pre-cooked meals, basic pantry supplies, and wrap-around support for those aged 65 and over.

The programme is a collaborative initiative we’ve developed in partnership with Here to Help U, Tauranga Community Foodbank, Good Neighbour, Age Concern and Bay Financial Mentors.

How did it start?

We heard from our community that many older people who rely solely on the Superannuation are struggling to afford food. However, limited income is not the only challenge.

Social isolation and temporary or permanent health and mobility issues are also preventing many in our older community from being able to cook independently or access food supplies.

To address these needs, we came together with our local community organisations to develop Super Support.

How do you access Super Support?

You can fill in an online form on the Here to Help website or leave a detailed voice message at 0800 568 273. This number is monitored and someone will call you back. You can access Super Support for yourself or someone you know.

Please provide as much detail as possible about your needs, or the needs of the person you're calling for, to ensure you are connected to the appropriate support service.

Super Support parcels can be collected or delivered to direct to your door. The delivery vehicle is not sign written to ensure your privacy.

For more information, see our full list of frequently asked questions below.

Get in touch:
Fill in the online form or,
Free phone to leave a message: 0800 568 273


Anyone 65 years and over can access Super Support. While the goal is to support anyone who relies on superannuation as a sole source of income, anyone over 65 years is eligible, whether you collect the Superannuation or not. This includes migrants who haven’t been in the country long enough to be eligible for Superannuation.

Super Support is a free service.

Super Support is designed to be a temporary support service to help get you through a tough time. You can apply once a fortnight. If long-term support is required (more than eight weeks), you will be connected to an appropriate service provider for ongoing support.

The 0800 number goes to Here to Help U. You will hear an automated message where you can leave your name, contact information, and the purpose of your call – in this case, Super Support. We recommend providing as much detail as possible about your needs to ensure you receive the appropriate assistance. Someone from Here to Help U will return your call to assess your needs.

When you contact Here to Help U, you will need to give permission for your personal information to be shared amongst the organisations who are providing support. This will ensure you are connected with the appropriate organisations.

  • Two pre-cooked meals per person over 65 years in the household
  • Pantry staples including soup, bread, margarine, jam or peanut butter, eggs, milk, fresh fruit

Please specify this in the online form or voice message to ensure the appropriate food is provided.

The food parcel contains quick and easy pre-cooked meals. If you have difficulties preparing your own meals beyond the pre-cooked meals, you will be connected to a service who can provide the appropriate support.

Yes, deliveries to your door can be arranged upon request (excluding weekends). The vehicle is not sign written, to protect your privacy.

Other services are available based on the level of need required. Please ensure you are as specific as possible about your situation in the online form or voice message. This could include mobility, health or accessibility needs that may prohibit you from being able to cook or access food.

For many people over 65 years, Superannuation is their sole source of income and they may find the cost of living and budgeting for food increasingly difficult. Anyone under 65 years is also able to apply for other support via Here to Help U using the online form or 0800 number.

Here to Help U, Tauranga Community Foodbank, Good Neighbour, Age Concern, Bay Financial Mentors and Tauranga City Council.

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