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Youth development

Tauranga is a fast growing and vibrant city full of opportunities. It is a great place for young people to grow up, study, work and have fun.

Council and youth engagement

As Tauranga continues to grow, we need to make sure that our city develops to meet the needs of young people and that the ideas and opinions young people are heard. Council is committed to making sure that youth are aware of and engaged with council planning and processes.

TUIA Te Here Tangata

We are pleased and excited to announce our successful TUIA applicant for 2019:

Ko Taranaki te Maunga
Ko Aotea te Waka
Ko Kaupokonui te Awa
Ko Ngati tu te hapu
Ko Rocky Hudson toku koroua
Ko Madison Ivy Kurarauinga Waller to ku ingoa.

“I wanted to be the TUIA representative so I can be involved with the youth of Tauranga and encourage young people to be brave and find their identity in a changing world. I would like to see our community be proactive with mental health and find solutions for how we can assist our young people in their life journeys. I have a passion for tikanga Maori and would like to increase the awareness or our nation’s cultural identity in Tauranga Moana.

TUIA is a great way to connect with young Maori leaders around New Zealand making an impact in their local communities. We share ideas and debate solutions as well as connect to our Maoritanga and what that looks like in the 21st century.”

Youth advisory group

About the group

The youth advisory group has been active since 2016. The group consist of 15 young people from across Tauranga aged between 16 and 24, from all different backgrounds. This adds vibrancy and experience with the same goal in mind; to see Tauranga be a great place for young people to build their future and to have a youth voice in decision making.

The group meets on the third Wednesday of every month from 5pm to 7pm. They engage with elected members, council staff, other advisory groups within council, and provide input into policies and strategies.

The group also creates submissions and develops ideas and initiatives that help increase youth participation in all areas.

If you would like to learn more about our youth advisory group, please get in touch with our youth advisor on 07 577 7000.

Youth engagement plan

In 2016, elected members approved the Tauranga Moana Rangatahi Youth Engagement Plan. Developed in collaboration with young people and key stakeholders, the plan outlines Council’s commitment to engaging with our young people and planning for the future.

The plan has four key goals:

  • To give young people a voice in local decision-making through purposeful engagement.
  • To create confidence in young people for them to be able to have a voice.
  • To help shape our city to be more youth-focused.
  • To encourage future leaders from within our community.

Tauranga Moana Rangatahi Youth Engagement Plan (409kb pdf) 

Youth action plan

One of the key outcomes from the youth engagement plan is to develop a youth action plan.

The youth advisory group consulted through face-to-face meetings and “O” week to gather relevant information from young people around what young people consider their top priorities to be for Tauranga.

Their findings were:

  1. Social Equity – mental health and wellbeing, housing, employment, cadetships and internships.
  2. Community Pride & Belonging – one annual youth event, increase youth voting.
  3. Healthy & Active – one sporting development opportunity, one annual lifestyle event for young people and the community.
  4. Safe & Resilient – facilitate one mental health forum, develop youth friendly mental health resources.
  5. Engaging & Partnerships – invite elected members to attend youth advisory group meetings, facilitate one youth provider’s meeting annually. 

The group has been working hard to develop the youth action plan to meet these needs of young people with the support of Council. The youth action plan provides clear objectives of what the youth advisory group is trying to achieve for young people in Tauranga over the next three years.

Tauranga City Council Youth Action Plan (215kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 27/05/2019


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