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Te Toka Whakaea - Huinga Rangatahi Āhuarangi

Te Toka Whakaea - Youth Climate Forum

Te Toka Whakaea – Youth Climate Forum banner

The potential effects of climate change can impact all members of the Tauranga Moana community which is why rangatahi will be key contributors in the city’s first climate plan through Te Toka Whakaea – Youth Climate Forum

Thank you to those who attended Te Toka Whakaea – Youth Climate Forum and completed our rangatahi survey.

Feedback and insights gathered from who took part will now be implemented in the development of the climate plan.

Council is bringing together a diverse group of rangatahi, knowledgeable guest speakers and stakeholders for collective conversation and discussion on how Tauranga addresses climate challenges over the coming decades. This will be an inclusive event for rangatahi of all backgrounds, rooted in te ao Māori, Māori tradition and appreciation with a strong link to mana whenua. Input from those attending the forum will directly contribute into the development of the climate plan. 

The event name, Te Toka Whakaea, links to Tauranga Moana landmark Te toka a Tirikawa (North Rock) which remains strong in place and visible to all near Mauao, despite battling the tide for thousands of years.

A basic break down of “Te Toka’’ is the rock in reference to Te toka a Tirikawa. “Whakaea” means to appear above the surface, come up for air, or to surface for air. This name acts as a challenge to hold fast to the roadmap of change to protect our landmarks, heritage and land from the effects of climate change so they are seen by future generations. ‘Te Toka Whakaea’ - The rangatahi of Tauranga Moana will be resilient, rise up and emerge as champions of climate change.

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