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Ngā māngai o ngā Iwi me ngā Hapū

Iwi and Hapū contacts

This a directory of Iwi and Hapū contacts within the Tauranga City area. These contacts are for Resource Management (RM) issues only.

As with any directory, the contact information on this page may change frequently. We advise that you refer back to this page regularly to ensure you have the correct contacts.

If you have any queries regarding the information on this page, please contact Te Pou Takawaenga. 

Iwi and Hapū boundaries

Click the images below for a larger view of the maps.

Te Arawa Iwi mapNgati Pukenga Iwi mapNgatai Ranginui Iwi mapNgai Te Rangi Iwi map

Contact details

Ngāti Ranginui Iwi Society

Chairperson: TBA
Postal address: PO Box 2526, Tauranga
Phone: 07 571 0934

RM Contact: Destiny Leaf
Address: PO Box 2526, Tauranga
Phone: 07 571 0934
Mobile: 022 5381346
Email: Destiny.leaf@ranginui.co.nz

Te Runanga o Ngāi Te Rangi

CEO: Paora Stanley
Postal address: PO Box 4369, Mount Maunganui 3149
Physical address: Taiaho Place, Mount Maunganui
Email: paora@ngaiterangi.org.nz

RM Contact: Pia Bennett
Mobile: 021 394 155
Email: pia@ngaiterangi.org.nz

Te Runanga o Ngāti Pukenga Iwi

RM Contact: Buddy Mikaere  
Mobile: 021 384 620
Email: buddy@buddymikaere.com

Ngā Potiki a Tamapahore Trust

Chairperson: Peter Stokes
Phone: 07 572 3344
Email: peter@ngapotiki.org.nz

CEO: Spencer Webster
Email: spencer@ngapotiki.org.nz 

Waitaha Iwi - Te Kapu o Waitaha

General Manager: Vivienne Robinson
Address: 2 Dunlop Road, Te Puke
Phone: 07 573 5314
Email: vivienne@waitaha-iwi.org.nz

RM Contact: Luke Whare
Mobile: 027 350 6244
Email: luke@waitaha-iwi.org.nz

Tapuika Iwi Authority

Chairperson: Rawiri Biel
Phone: 022 012 4692
Email: rawiri.biel@gmail.com

RM Contact: Helen Biel
Postal address: Tapuika Iwi Authority, PO Box 15, Te Puke
Email: taiao@tapuika.iwi.nz

Te Runanga o Ngāti Whakaue ki Maketu

Please contact Keren in the Takawaenga Team if your projects require engagement or consultation with this hapū.
Phone: 07 577 7000

Ngā Hapū O Ngāi Te Rangi

Ngāti He Hapū

RM Contact: Tania Ririnui
Mobile: 027 378 2427
Email: tnpririnui@gmail.com

Ngāti Kuku Hapū

RM Contact: Mr Nathan James
Mobile: 027 263 0820
Email: Tekurioterangi11@gmail.com

Ngāi Tukairangi Hapū

RM Contact: Ms Ngawiki Dickson (Administrator)
Mobile: 027 419 5438
Email: ngawiki@xtra.co.nz

Ngāti Tapu Hapū

RM Contact: Mr Puhirake Ihaka
Mobile: 027 206 0505
Email: puhirakeihaka@gmail.com

Ngāti Kaahu Ki Mangatawa Hapū

RM Contact: Pine McLeod
Mobile: 022 163 3400
Email: pine.mcleod@hotmail.co.nz

Ngā Hapū O Ngāti Ranginui

Te Runanga o Ngāti Kahu ki Tauranga Moana Inc

RM/Marae Contact: Maringi Ngata-Campbell
Phone: 07 576 4595
Fax: 07 576 4597
Email: kahut@xtra.co.nz

Chairperson/RM Contact: Mr Phillip Hikairo
Mobile: 027 495 8385
Email: piripihikairo@xtra.co.nz

Ngāti Hangarau Resource Unit

RM Contact: Ms Tatai Allen
Phone: 07 576 1762
Email: tataiallen@gmail.com

Te Runanga O Ngāi Tamarawaho

Ngāi Tamarawaho are currently reviewing their Relationship Protocol Addendum, please contact Yolande Tipuna in the Te Pou Takawaenga on 07 577 7000 if your projects require engagement or consultation with this hapū.

Ngāti Ruahine Hapū

RM Primary Contact: Keni Piahana
Mobile: 027 779 8500
Email: resource.waimapu@inspire.net.nz

RM Contact: Matt Dawson
Mobile: 022 454 4976
Email: matt@restoringconnections.nz

Ngāi Te Ahi Resource Management Unit

RM Contact: Irene Walker
Mobile: 022 176 2099
Email: irene@hemanukura.nz

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