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Tauranga City Council 2019 election

Voting closed at midday on Saturday, October 12.

Preliminary results

The preliminary results are based on more than 95% of the returned votes. Some votes are yet to be counted. The outcome of this election might change when all the votes have been counted.

Preliminary results (46kb pdf)

A final result is expected by Friday (18 October).

Detailed preliminary results (34kb doc)

Pre-election report 2019

A guide to the past three years and next three years, including Council finances and major projects.

Pre-election report - 2019 (2.4mb pdf)

Voter turnout

The number of voting papers returned during the voting period 20 September to 12 October 2019.

View voter turnout

Last Reviewed: 12/10/2019

Key dates

20-25 September Voting papers delivered to homes
12 October Polling day – ballot boxes close at noon. Progress results published on this webpage by 6pm
13 October Provisional results published on this webpage by 6pm
17-23 October Official results declared
Enrol to vote

Enrol to vote

You need to be enrolled to vote in the 2019 Tauranga City Council election.

2019 Candidates

2019 Candidates

Find out who’s standing for Council.



This year, Tauranga City Council elections will use the STV voting system.

Ward boundaries

Ward boundaries

Tauranga City is divided into three wards. We have 11 elected members.

Stand for council

Stand for Council

Information for candidates.

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