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Information for voters

You need to be enrolled to vote in the 2024 local government election.

Tauranga City Council will be holding an election on Saturday 20 July 2024.

Voting is open for everyone 18-years of age or over. You also need to:

  • be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • have lived in New Zealand, continuously, at any time for one year or more
  • have lived at your current Tauranga address for more than one month.

You might also be eligible to vote if you are:

  • a non-resident ratepayer who has applied for enrolment on the ratepayer roll
  • a resident outside of Tauranga who has been nominated by a firm, company, corporation, or society paying rates on a property in Tauranga.

You can enrol, check or update your details below.

Enrol, check or update your details

If you don't live in Tauranga but you pay rates on a property here, you can enrol to vote using the ratepayer enrolment form.

Ratepayer enrolment online portal

Ratepayer enrolment form (77kb pdf)

Māori Electoral Option

Māori can choose which electoral roll they want to be on, either the Māori roll or general roll. You can also choose to change your roll type at any time, except in the three months before a local or general election. This election the ability to change rolls closes at midnight on 19 April. Visit our page with more information on the Māori roll and Māori ward below.

Information about the Māori ward

How to vote

All local government elections are conducted through postal votes. Your voting pack with the form you need to fill out and a booklet with more information on your candidates will arrive in your letterbox from 29 June 2024. You just need to fill your form out, pop it into the free return envelope included in your pack, and drop it in the mail or at one of our handy orange bins available at every supermarket in Tauranga by 20 July 2024. If you are posting your vote then make sure it is posted by 16 July 2024.

Single Transferable Vote system

We will use the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system for the 2024 local government election.

This is the same system we used in the 2019 local election.

In an STV election, you rank your preferred candidates 1, 2, 3, 4 or as many or as few as you wish, instead of putting a tick beside their name.

Drop your completed voting form in the prepaid envelope at your nearest post box or Tauranga City Council drop off point. We’ll share a handy list of these locations with you when voting opens.

If you want to learn more about the STV system, take a look at:

Single Transferable Vote example

Electoral rolls

When you enrol, your name, address and occupation are listed publicly on the electoral roll. The Māori and general electoral rolls can be viewed at:

  • Tauranga City Council's service centre He Puna Manawa at 21 Devonport Road
  • Tauranga public libraries

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