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Hōtaka Piki Ake

Piki Ake cadetship programme

Piki Ake is a 12-month cadetship programme we are piloting in partnership with MSD, moving into our second round of delivery.

The programme will see a minimum of four unemployed young people jump into an entry level role at Council, gaining valuable skills and experience that will help shape positive life and career choices.

The aim of the programme is to reduce local youth unemployment; providing a pathway for cadets to build a brighter future for themselves. Piki Ake means ‘to ascend’, and through the programme we hope to help cadets do just that and rise to their potential.

Recruitment is undertaken via MSD as our partner, so young people interested in this opportunity should speak to their case manager in the first instance.

Read the Piki Ake booklet to learn more.

Piki Ake booklet (2mb pdf)

How it works

Cadets join us on a fixed term basis in roles across Council.

During their 12 months with us, cadets will receive wrap-around support with training in both work and life skills.

At completion of the programme, cadets will be equipped with more skills, experience and confidence to gain sustainable long-term employment when they leave TCC. 

Our first cohort of Piki Ake cadets who started in October 2022 will start applying to permanent employment opportunities in the coming months.  We welcomed our second cohort of Piki Ake cadets in June 2023.

Want to know how the first cohort is going? Cadet Dannielle Teaupaku shares her experience.

“I believed that the corporate ladder would never have a place for my ‘inexperience’. I have learnt that my role as a mother, partner, daughter, and niece has given me many skills that I will be able to use in a job. I am grateful to be chosen for this programme, it has given me the confidence, skills and support I needed to create a better life for myself and my whanau.”

What we hope to achieve

The benefits for our region are wide-ranging, including:

  • Improving employment opportunities for local young people
  • Improving social and economic wellbeing in our communities
  • Promoting more community knowledge of local government and job possibilities
  • Cadets are able to work locally for at least 12 months and remain in the region.


Cadets 2022

Our first cadet cohort
Left to right: Marlene Herewini (Tauranga City Council Employment Pathways Lead) and cadets James Bassett-Gittings, Dannielle Teaupaku, Kestral Thompson, Connor Hill.

Cadet cohort

Our second cadet cohort
Left to right: Sierra Laurent, Jessy Gurnick, Marlene Herewini (Tauranga City Council Employment Pathways Lead), Jazzmine Mcdonald, Teina Tumohe.

Staff and cadets from our first cohort share their thoughts on the programme at a whakatau for our second cohort of cadets.

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