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Hōtaka Tauranga Anamata

Tauranga Moana Futures programme

Tauranga Moana Futures is a joint work programme between TCC, the University of Waikato (UoW) and Priority One, designed to support talented students to study in Tauranga in areas of importance to employers in the region.

The programme focuses on local tertiary students gaining practical experiences in the form of project and team-based work to apply their academic study, growing their local government experience and supporting our local talent pipeline.

The initiatives under Tauranga Moana Futures include:


  • Two scholarships within the fields of civil engineering, environmental engineering, software engineering, environmental science, or computer science. The scholarships have a value of $10,000 per year and include a minimum of one summer internship at TCC in the second year of study.

Work-Integrated Learning (Undergraduate)

  • Impact Labs: multi-disciplinary projects where students from different degree backgrounds tackle a sustainability challenge provided by TCC that aligns with one (or more) of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Summer research projects: students work on research projects over the summer, usually focused on a single issue or around a particular theme.
  • Work placements/projects: students work on projects or have work placements at TCC, applying their theoretical knowledge to practical experiences. Students acquire, understand and apply essential professional skills that will prepare them for the future workforce, while allowing them to demonstrate their graduate knowledge.
  • Internships: students receive work experience with TCC as an employer, rather than working only on specific projects (although specific projects can be completed). Internships generally require students to be onsite. 

What are we trying to achieve through Tauranga Moana Futures? 

Tauranga Moana Futures aims to drive positive economic and social outcomes while delivering tangible benefits for TCC ratepayers and local communities. The programme supports the growth of university enrolments in Tauranga, with a particular focus on academic disciplines that align with our priorities as an employer.

Through the programme, we strive to create a skilled and diverse talent pool that can contribute effectively to our city's growth and development.

I’m a University of Waikato student, how can I register for a Work-Integrated Learning opportunity?

Send an email to careers@tauranga.govt.nz

Please ensure you include “UoW student Work-Integrated Learning” in the subject line. Attach an up-to-date CV that includes your current qualification and confirm that we can communicate with the University of Waikato to see if any opportunities fit with your academic schedule.

We will communicate with the University and our internal teams and come back to you in due course.

Do you know someone looking at studying locally with the University of Waikato in Tauranga in 2024? Check out the Tauranga Moana Futures scholarship.


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