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Annual report 2015-16

This annual report covers the first year of our long term plan 2015-2025, the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.

Annual Report 2015-16 | summary

This document presents the operational and financial highlights of the Council's Annual Report, from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.

Annual Report 2016 summary (2mb pdf)

Annual Report 2015-16 | sections

  1. Introduction (966kb pdf)
    A welcome from the Mayor and Chief Executive, an explanation of what this report is about and statement of compliance. 

  2. Decision-Making Framework (903kb pdf)
    An overview of how Council makes decisions, the big decisions made this past year, working with Tangata Whenua and Project Tauranga partners.

  3. Year in Review (1,140kb pdf)
    A snapshot of the year just gone by – the big projects we have advanced or delivered, the highlights of our financial results, and an overview of our non-financial performance.

  4. Groups of Activities (684kb pdf)
    Details on all of the activities of the Council and an explanation of what they do, what they achieved, how they performed and what it cost.

  5. Council-Controlled Organisations (270kb pdf)
    An overview of what our Council-Controlled Organisations have achieved in the past year and how they performed.

  6. Financials (483kb pdf)
    Financial prudence, rating base information, whole of Council Funding Impact Statement, financial statements and notes.

  7. Appendices (539kb pdf)
    Your Elected Members, Council’s structure, audit report and glossary.

  8. Route K tolls (259kb pdf)
    The Annual Report concerning Route K tolls for the month ended 31 July 2015.

Full Tauranga City Council Annual Report 2015/16 (5mb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 20/11/2017

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