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Here you will find the Tauranga City Council annual reports, quarterly monitoring reports and other reports relating to finances, statistics, investments and trends.

Annual reports

The annual report shows how we performed against what was set through the long term plan and annual plan, how we performed financially and if we met our levels of service measures.

Annual reports

Quarterly monitoring reports

Monitoring reports give an overview of the financial and operational performance of Council’s activities. They are published every quarter with the exception of the last quarter of the year when the full annual report is provided. They serve to track progress against targets and budgets.

Quarterly monitoring reports

Credit rating reports

Credit rating reports

Development trends monitoring reports

Latest and historical reports concerning Development Trends in the Western Bay sub-region which covers Tauranga City and Western Bay of Plenty District .

Development trend monitoring reports

Industrial land survey reports

This survey monitors the use of industrial zoned land in Tauranga City. The next report will be released in 2022.

Tauranga City industrial land survey reports

Tauranga City Population and Dwelling Review

Tauranga City Population and Dwelling Projection Review 2022

Annual residents survey

The annual residents survey, previously known as the Community Perceptions Study, measures the perceptions of residents regarding various aspects of services that Council provides.

Tauranga City Council Annual Residents Survey 2023 (1.5mb pdf)
Tauranga City Council Annual Residents Survey 2022 (1.6mb pdf)
Tauranga City Council Annual Residents Survey 2021 (2mb pdf)
Tauranga City Council Annual Residents Survey 2020 (2mb pdf)
Tauranga City Council Annual Residents Survey 2019 (3mb pdf)
Tauranga City Council Annual Residents Survey 2018 (2mb pdf)
Tauranga City Council Annual Residents Survey 2017 (2.5mb pdf)


Control of dogs report July 2020 - July 2021

Report on the Administration of Tauranga City Council’s Policy and Practices in Relation to the Control of Dogs.

Control of dogs report July 2020 – July 2021 (100kb pdf)

Statistical information reports

These reports present a statistical analysis of Tauranga, its population, housing and travel modes, incomes and employment. This analysis is based on Census data and other council data.

Statistical information report 2023 (9mb pdf)

If you need more information about the 2018 Census results, you can access the data summaries about Tauranga City from the StatsNZ website.

2018 Census place summaries – Tauranga City

Joint reports

Tauranga City Council has developed the following reports in association with other agencies.

Joint reports

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