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Rautaki tūnga waka Tauranga

Tauranga parking strategy

Tauranga is growing, and it is expected that in 30 years our region will have 269,000 residents and an additional 35,000 new homes

To support this growth, we need to be able to move higher numbers of people around using transport options that have less demand on space. This means we need to manage parking supply in ways that allow as many people as possible to access the areas and activities they need to, whether they are in a car or not.

That’s what our parking strategy is all about – it will give an overarching approach to parking management in our city. We’ll use this strategy to guide how council will manage council-controlled parking spaces across Tauranga.

What does the parking strategy cover?

Our parking strategy outlines the way we intend to manage parking across our city, including:

  • parking in centres
  • parking on residential streets
  • Road or street parking, cycle parking and berm parking
  • the prioritisation of parking space by vehicle type/reason for parking
  • park and ride facilities
  • parking enforcement and monitoring

Have a read of the strategy to get a full understanding of what it covers.

Tauranga parking strategy (9.6mb pdf)

What is parking management?

Parking management plays an important role in the successful functioning of a city and its transport network. Successful parking management can contribute to:

  • improving the vibrancy of centres and people’s access to them
  • enabling a multi-modal transport system (e.g. cars, buses, bikes, walkways)
  • enabling a more compact urban form (e.g. size, density, land use of an area)
  • supporting access for all, by helping to prioritise space for those with the greatest need (e.g. mobility parking)
  • ensuring value for money and best use of resources by making sure that parking revenues cover the costs and that future investments would provide value for money.

Tauranga central city parking management plan

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