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Wairoa Valley Strategy

Wairoa River Valley Strategy

Ko Te Wairoa, He Whakaora Whenua, He Whakaora Tangata - “The Wairoa River, a River that gives life to the land and the people”.

The Wairoa River Valley Strategy provides a balance between protecting and recognising the isolated wilderness values within the Wairoa River’s upstream reaches, and the enjoyment of passive and active recreation in the lower reaches.

Key principles of the strategy include sustainable land use and development, quality of the river environment, valued landscapes, cultural values, recreation and access, and social, heritage and community values. Actions for how we will reach goals within these principles are detailed within the strategy below.

Wairoa Valley Strategy

Wairoa River Valley Strategy

This joint strategy provides a framework for managing the river valley now and into the future.  Its vision is for a unique green corridor that integrates cultural, recreational, environmental and land use values. 

Wairoa River Valley Strategy (922kb pdf)

The Wairoa River Valley Strategy covers the area from McLarens Falls Bridge to where the river meets Tauranga Harbour. It extends up to the dominant ridgeline beside the river and land either side of the riverbank. A more comprehensive approach that includes the wider Wairoa River catchment and tributaries that feed into the awa (river) is planned for the future.

The strategy was developed in 2005 by Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council, working with Tangata Whenua, landowners, users of the river environment and the wider local community. The strategy recognises that land within the Wairoa River Valley is in various forms of ownership.

Wairoa River Valley Strategy Overview

This overview document summarises the key principles and guidance provided by the Wairoa River Valley Strategy, to make this critical information more accessible for anyone with an interest in the river valley area.   

The overview includes key contact information, and will be particularly relevant for anyone considering potential future development within or alongside the Wairoa River Valley area.  

Wairoa River Valley Strategy Overview – September 2023 (1.4mb pdf) 

Wairoa River Valley Strategy review

The strategy was reviewed in 2013 and will be reviewed again in 2026, following completion of the regional freshwater plan change by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.  The reasons for the delayed review are explained in the April 2023 paper below, which provided the SmartGrowth Leadership Group with an overview of the status of the Wairoa River Valley Strategy review project alongside other current processes that impact the Wairoa River Valley. 

SmartGrowth Leadership Group – 5 April 2023  (187kb pdf)

What we are doing to implement the Wairoa River Valley Strategy

Since the strategy’s adoption in 2005, Tauranga City Council has been working to implement the actions we are responsible for, and to incorporate the principles and guidance of the strategy into our ongoing work programme. We are making good progress, with only a few of the original strategy actions not yet incorporated into our ‘business as usual’ operational work.

Most of the riverbank we look after has been fenced off to protect the water’s edge, and we are a long way towards having a continuous walkway along our side of the riverbank.

We are also very conscious of the increasing urbanisation demand across the city, including along the Wairoa River Valley, as a result of our fast-growing population. We are continuing to work hard to help realise the original vision of the strategy while ensuring our current and future communities have access to affordable housing and can move around our city easily and safely.

Our Direction

Our Direction

Our Direction presents the framework for Tauranga City Council’s strategic direction.

More information on Our Direction

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