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Reserve management plans

Reserve management plan review

Our reserve management plans are currently being reviewed, apart from the sub-regional TECT All Terrain Park and Huharua Park, and the newly adopted Mauao Historic Reserve Management Plan (3mb pdf).

The other fourteen reserve management plans will be superseded by a single Tauranga reserves management plan, which will also apply to parks and reserves that are not currently subject to a plan.

More information, including a copy of the draft plan, the submissions received and the first deliberations report 

What is a reserve management plan?

Reserve management plans set out how Council intends to provide for and ensure the use, enjoyment, maintenance, protection, and preservation, as the case may require, and, to the extent resources permit, the development of reserve. Reserve management plans contain management statements that guide how Council will the management of its reserves. For example, they help establish how we will balance the protection of natural resources with recreational opportunities for the community.

Reserve management plans are subject to continuous review to adapt to changing circumstances.

Current reserve management plans

Coronation Park management plan (788kb pdf)
Historic Reserves management plan (3.1mb pdf)
Otumoetai Pa Reserve management plan (9mb pdf)

Memorial Park Reserve management plan (1.20mb pdf)
Kopurererua Valley Reserves management plan (3.2mb pdf)
Huharua Harbour Park Reserve management plan (4mb pdf)

Yatton Park Recreation Reserve management plan (1.6mb pdf)
Industrial Reserves at Mount Maunganui management plan (1.3mb pdf)
Gordon Spratt and Alice Johnson reserve management plan (2.8mb pdf)
Mauao Historic Reserve management plan (3mb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 14/12/2018

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