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Housing choice - what we've heard

Over 2019 and early 2020 we have been working closely with stakeholders, tangata whenua and the community in drafting and testing the plan change provisions. Between 7 April and 19 May 2020 we asked the community for feedback on the detail of the proposed plan change, as well as on ideas for the Te Papa Plan.

The survey responses for the Housing Choice plan change indicate general support for the direction and rule framework for each of the proposed housing types/criteria in the Suburban Residential Zone, Te Papa area, residential activities in the Commercial Zone, and the Urban Design Assessment criteria. Find out more in our summary of engagement.

Summary of engagement - April/May 2020 (2.3mb pdf)

In parallel we continued to work on related topics that inform the plan change: infrastructure capacity and natural hazards, including how to mitigate flood risk while enabling further development/redevelopment in existing urban areas through Plan Change 27: Flooding from intense rainfall.

Mid 2019 - Community discussions: what do you love and what would you change in Te Papa? Review feedback, develop proposed plan change and proposed spatial plan for Te Papa. Community discussions: what do you think about the draft city plan changes, and the proposed spatial plan for Te Papa? Review of feedback, finalising the proposed city plan changes and progressing the Te Papa spatial plan. Public notification of the city plan change, and finalising the Te Papa spatial plan. 2021 - Hearings and deliberations, city plan change to become operative.

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