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Plan Change 30 – Earthworks

Following some recent development there are concerns that the earthworks rules within the City Plan are not working well. Council is reviewing the earthworks rules to understand whether some rules need to be changed and made clearer.

Three issues can occur during development that have potentially negative effects:

  • Sediment control – there are rules within the City Plan to ensure sediment can’t be washed into waterways. These existing rules are creating challenges around the enforcement of managing sediment on building sites.
  • Earthworks post subdivision – generally when land is subdivided, plans will show the earthworks required for that house to be built. However, there are instances where earthworks are carried out after the subdivision is complete and they are not able to be controlled, which has caused site stability issues.
  • Driveway steepness – some driveways are too steep to safely provide access to a house. This means some vehicles are unable to access the site, the driveway is unsafe and more cars need to park on the road. 

During preliminary consultation with the development community and tangata whenua, an independent consultant identified these issues may be addressed through education as well as some clarification of the existing rules. Council has also identified that it needs technical advice.

Next steps 

Once Council has received technical advice it will consider next steps in this proposed Plan Change.

Council report

Urban Form and Transport Development Committee 23 July 2019 – Update on Plan Change 30 – Earthworks and Associated Matters



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