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Panonitanga mahere 33 - whakaāhei kāinga

Plan Change 33 - Enabling housing supply

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The housing rules are changing.

Thanks for your feedback, and next steps 

Thanks to everyone who made a submission on proposed Plan Change 33. All 400 submissions received are now available in the key documents section.

The further submission period is now closed as well. We will summarise all further submissions and make them available for the hearing, scheduled for mid-2023.

Key documents section

The Government is making some changes to housing rules that will change what you can do on your property. Your neighbourhood may change too, over time. In a nutshell, people will be able to build more on their residential sections without needing sign-off from council, or approval from neighbours.

Like all major cities, we’re in the thick of a housing crisis. We’re short of homes, and there’s little choice in the type and size of dwellings we can live in. To help address these issues, Tauranga needs to grow up as well as out, and we’ve been given strict direction from the Government to enable this.

Through the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2021, we’ve been instructed to amend the rules in our city plan so that we:

  • insert a set of Medium Density Residential Standards into our relevant residential zones
  • allow people to build up to three dwellings of up to three storeys on most sections in residential zones, without needing to obtain a resource consent
  • enable higher density housing with more building height within and around the city centre, and other identified commercial centres across the city and close to public transport.

This means it will be easier for homeowners looking to build or expand, and that people will have access to more types of houses. It also means there will be more multi-storey buildings popping up around our neighbourhoods and city, over time – which will gradually change where and how we live.

Factsheet – Enabling Housing Supply (2.7mb pdf)

How does the plan change apply to my property?

Find out which changes will apply to your property, or any other property in the city.  Note that the proposed changes do not seek to rezone or enable residential development on open space or reserve land.

View maps 

What are the proposed changes?

Change will happen over time

Visible change in Tauranga through this plan change would not happen all at once. It would happen over time as development occurs across the city due to market demand, and as people decide to redevelop their sections in existing residential areas. 

Change is already happening in and around our city centre and along the Te Papa peninsula, and this is where you will first see our urban transformation in play. 

In such areas, gradual change could happen like this:


  • Preparation of the proposed plan change, including engagement with tangata whenua and stakeholder groups

    March-August 2022
  • Public notification of the plan change

    On this day the medium density residential standards take legal effect (no resource consent required for building up to three dwellings of up to three storeys)

    20 August 2022
  • Public submission period

    17 August - 23 September 2022
  • A summary of submissions is published and submitters are invited to make further submissions

    28 November to 9 December 2022
  • Hearings

    Mid 2023
  • Council decision and plan change becomes operative

    End 2023

Enabling housing supply community presentation, 30 August 2022

What is the city plan and a plan change?

City Plan and plan change information

Concept Drawing: A neighbourhood changing over time (4.5mb pdf)

Remember, what you do with your house or land is up to you – but the proposed changes could open up significant opportunity for our community and our city over time.

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