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Pukapuka matua panonitanga mahere 33

Plan Change 33 key documents

Documents relevant to the plan change including the changes proposed to the operative Tauranga City Plan, supporting documents, and submissions.


The hearing for proposed Plan Change 33 has been split into two sessions as set out in Direction #3. Session 1 was held on 4-5 July 2023. Session 2 will be held between 2-10 October 2023.

The hearing schedule for the Session 2 hearing is available below (subject to change).

Session 2 Hearing Schedule 2-10 October 2023 (194kb pdf)

The hearing procedures and directions from the Chair of the Independent Hearings Panel is available below.

Hearing Procedures and Directions Plan Change 33 (299kb pdf)

The documents in this section are directions given by the Independent Hearings Panel. The Independent Hearings Panel hear and consider all submissions and evidence on proposed Plan Change 33 and make recommendations to Council.

The documents in this section relate to expert conferencing on specific matters that the Independent Hearings Panel have directed to be held to resolve issues. The Joint Witness Statements are the agreed outcomes of the conferencing.

Joint Witness Statements
Qualifying Matter – Landscape values for the coastal environment (citywide) – Technical Documents
Approach to Policy 3(c) and (d) – Technical Documents
Development Capacity Report

The documents in this section are the s.42A hearing report, evidence, and legal submissions for Session 1 on strategic matters and an overview of the key themes raised by submitters.

Hearing Schedule
Section 42A Hearing Report
Council Expert Evidence
Submitter Expert Evidence
Submitter Evidence
Legal Submissions
Closing Statement

Guidance on reading the section 42A report

Flow diagram

Proposed Plan Change 33 introduces an increase in building height of 4 to 8 storeys around identified commercial centres. In response to submissions received on building height and based on further technical information, recommendations have been made to the proposed spatial extent and building heights enabled around these commercial centres. Additionally, some areas identified for increased building height may be restricted or limited as a result of qualifying matters.  Council have identified qualifying matters across the city which may limit height, these include:

  • protecting landscape values, including the coastal environment;
  • managing natural hazards;
  • protecting cultural values;
  • protecting ecological, conservation areas and open space; 
  • protecting heritage sites; and 
  • protecting nationally significant infrastructure. 

To understand the building heights recommended to be enabled across the city, the proposed increase in building heights must be read in conjunction with the recommended qualifying matters.

The documents in this section are the Appendices to the s.42A hearing report for Session 2 on substantive matters. Due to size of the documents, some appendices have been split into parts.

Appendix 1 – Experience and Expertise
Appendix 2 – Summary of decisions requested and recommendations
Appendix 3 – Reporting Officer’s recommendations on notified plan content
Appendix 4 – Recommended Planning Maps
Appendix 5 – Section 32AA and Section 32 Evaluation for existing Qualifying Matters
Appendix 6 – Expert Conferencing Joint Witness Statements
Appendix 7 – Development Capacity Assessment
Appendix 8 – Landscape Assessments
Appendix 9 – Commercial Assessment
Appendix 10 – Pukehinahina Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix 11 – Map of enabled heights within the City Centre
Appendix 12 – Analysis of shading effects along The Strand
Appendix 13 – Walkable Catchment Maps

The documents in this section are submitters expert and non-expert evidence, letters to be tabled, and legal submissions for Session 2. These should be read in conjunction with the relevant submissions and the s.42A hearings report. 

Submitter Expert Evidence
Submitter Evidence 
Letter to be tabled
Technical Report
Legal Submissions 

Summary of submissions and further submissions

We received submissions on proposed Plan Change 33. 

To assist in reading submissions, we have created a summary which sets out the decisions requested  in the submissions we received and is arranged by themes. Further submissions are referenced against the original submission point (the original submission point appears in parentheses) and highlighted in green. Each further submission starts with ‘FS’. For further reasoning and context please refer to the original submissions.

Summary of decisions requested (528kb pdf)

Update 15 December 2022: Tauranga City Council has withdrawn points 314.14 and 314.15 from its own submission, which related to enabling additional building height in the Mount North area. The other submissions received on this topic remain. 

Letter – Plan Change 33 – Withdrawal of Tauranga City Council submission points – 12 December 2022 (42kb pdf) 

View all submissions

List of submitters and submitter number by alphabetical order (268kb pdf)

Submissions: 1 - 154

Submissions: 155 - 284

Submissions: 284 - 400

Further submissions: 404 - 476

Further submissions: 477 - 543

Further Submissions: 544 - 609

Key documents

Public Notice - further submission - 26 November 2022
Public Notice -  public notification - 20 August 2022 
Factsheet – Enabling Housing Supply (2.7mb pdf)

Plan Change 33 Annotated Text
Section 32 Evaluation Report

Need a hand?

Plan changes are complex and we would be happy to help you understand the information on this page and answer your questions about proposed Plan Change 33. To get in touch with the City Planning team, email us at city.plan@tauranga.govt.nz or call 07 577 7000.

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