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Additional security measures

We are aware that some customers are having issues making payments online. This is due to Visa and Mastercard now enforcing two-factor authentication on all payments in order to increase security.

If you are having issues making an online payment, please contact your bank.

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Tauranga Toolbox – November 2023 Read more

Tauranga Toolbox – November 2023

As a consent authority, the best case scenario for us is to issue consents with no RFIs - and this happens with over 50% of applications (although admittedly these are predominantly amendments and simple consents)!


Tauranga Toolbox – April 2023 Read more

Tauranga Toolbox – April 2023

Changes identified within the April 2023 Tauranga Toolbox newsletter around decreasing and infiltration of stormwater to the sewer system have prompted a change to the way exterior hot and cold showers are considered.


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