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Animal service fees

Dog registration fees are discounted if paid before 1 August each year and are GST inclusive.

Please note: Any dog over the age of three months and not registered or re-registered by 30 June of each year is an unregistered dog (even though the discount period continues to 31 July your dog’s registration expires on the 30 June of each year).

Dog registration fees Discounted fee
(if paid before 1 August)
Normal $87.00 $130.00
Dangerous dogs (classified) $131.00 $196.50
Microchip fee $22.00 $22.00

Pro-rata fees apply for dogs that turn three months old on or after 1 July, dogs that are imported into New Zealand or dogs adopted from the SPCA.

Pro-rata fees 2019/20 (23kb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 20/12/2019
Exemptions - the following dogs can be registered for no fee

Bona fide guide dogs
Hearing ear dogs
Companion dogs - certified by the Top Dog Companion Trust
Dogs owned by:
Aviation Security Services
Department of Conservation
Department of Corrections
Ministry of Agriculture and foresty
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Fisheries
New Zealand Custom Service
New Zealand Defence Force
New Zealand Police
Director of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (whilst those dogs are on active duty)

Last Reviewed: 29/06/2018

as of 1 July 2019

Impoundment fees Registered Non-registered
First impounding $55.00 $85.00
Second impounding $125.00 $125.00
Third impounding $180.00 $180.00
Fourth and subsequent impounding $250.00 $250.00
Sustenance (per day or part of) $9.00 $9.00
Dog released after hours $45.00 $45.00

Last Reviewed: 28/06/2019

as at 1 July 2019

Infringement offences (as set by legislation) Charges
Wilful obstruction of a Dog Control Officer $750.00
Failure or refusal to supply information or wilfully providing false particulars $750.00
Failure to supply information or wilfully providing false particulars about a dog $750.00
Failure to comply with any Dog Control Bylaw (includes dogs roaming in public places) $300.00
Failure to comply with effects of disqualification $750.00
Failure to comply with requirements of dangerous dog classification $300.00
Fraudulent sale or transfer of a dangerous dog $500.00
Failure to comply with requirements of menacing classification $300.00
Failure to implant a microchip transponder in dog $300.00
False statement relating to dog registration $750.00
Failure to register dog $300.00
Fraudulent procurement or attempt to procure replacement dog registration label or disc $500.00
Failure to advise change of dog ownership $100.00
Failure to advise change of address $100.00
Removal, swapping or counterfeiting of registration label/disc $500.00
Failure to keep dog controlled or confined on private land $200.00
Failure to keep dog under control $200.00
Failure to provide proper care and attention, to supply proper or sufficient food, water, shelter, or adequate exercise $300.00
Failure to carry leash in public $100.00
Failure to undertake dog owner education programme or dog obedience course (or both) $300.00
Failure to comply with obligations of probationary owner $750.00
Failure to comply with barking dog abatement notice $200.00
Failure to advise of muzzle and leashing requirements $100.00
Falsely notifying death of dog $750.00
Allowing dog known to be dangerous to be at large unmuzzled or unleashed $300.00
Releasing dog from custody $750.00
Other dog fees Charges
Surrender fee $60.00
Seizure fee $100.00
Replacement registration tag $7.00
Adoption fees
Male and female dogs known to have been neutered $90.00
Male dogs not neutered $250.00
Female dogs not neutered $280.00

Last Reviewed: 28/06/2019

as at 1 July 2019

Stock control fees Charges

For every horse, cattle, deer, ass, mule or pig

Impounding $55.00
Conveying Actual cost
Sustenance (per day or part thereof) Actual cost
Sheep or goat Charges
Impounding $20.00
Conveying Actual cost
Sustenance (per day or part thereof) Actual cost
Service of Notices
Service of Notices $15.00
Insertion of Notice in Newspaper (plus actual cost of insertion) $15.00
Call out fee $135.00
Mileage 0.60c/per km

Last Reviewed: 28/06/2019


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