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Asset Protection Bond and Service Connection Fees

Processing and Inspection Fees for Asset Protection Bond as at 1 July 2023


  1. Asset protection bonds are deposits only.
  2. Where Council incurs additional cost in administering the asset protection bond then additional fees will be charged. Examples of incurring additional cost include undertaking additional inspections over and above those stated below, arranging for sub-standard works or damaged assets/infrastructure to be brought up to the required standards, re-inspections of work etc.
  3. Where additional fees are charged, the fees will be charged on a time and cost basis with a minimum fee of one hour plus disbursements and deducted from the bond amount prior to refund.
  4. For item three above, if the value of the additional fees exceeds the value of the bond then Council will invoice the bond holder for the balance outstanding.

Services that may require a Service Connection Approval are: water/wastewater/stormwater connections, streetlight relocation and vehicle crossings. All Service Connection Applications require the payment of a refundable Asset Protection Bond.

 All fees in the following tables are stated inclusive of GST, unless otherwise stated.

Service connection fees Charges
Service connection application fee $258.50
Water, wastewater and stormwater connection inspection fee $164.00
Refundable asset protection bond - where double check valve or RPZ not required $1134.00 for residential or $2173.00 for commercial (no GST)
Refundable asset protection bond - where double check valve or RPZ required $2385.00 for residential or $5406.00 for commercial (no GST)
Bond processing and inspection fee (no vehicle crossing) $281.00
Bond processing and inspection fee (with a vehicle crossing) $387.00
Streetlight relocation fee $538.80
Other Fees
Removal and replacement of juvenile street trees - per tree $839.10

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