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Marine facilities fees

All Marine Facility charges are shown as GST Exclusive.

as at 1 July 2019

Wharf Licences  Charges
All wharf berthage charges are calculated on a per metre of vessel length (overall vessel length not waterline). Daily Rate (or part day)
Bridge Wharf (more than 7 days) $2.10 per metre
Bridge Wharf (less than 7 days or used as work berth) $2.30 per metre
Fisherman's Wharf $1.80 per metre
Railway Wharf $1.80 per metre
Cross Road Wharf (Vessels over 18m) $50.00 per hour
Cross Road Wharf (Vessels under 18m) $35.00 per hour
Wharfage $3.00 per tonne
Wharfage Fees are adjusted from time to time and published on the vessel works website. Rates for single occupancy and single hull vessels. Wider vessels priced upon application.

Cross Road boat ramp

Commercial use of the ramp based upon rates published on the Vessel Works website.
16amp Electricity $10 per day
32amp Electricity $20 per day (single or three phase)
63amp Electricity $30 per day (single or three phase)
Additional electricity supply $0.37 per kWh
Additional water supply $5.00 per 1,000 litres or part thereof
Ice Supply $150 per tonne (cost recovery from supplier)
Fuel Licence Fee $0.01 per litre
Additional Waste Fee $35.00 per 600 litre bin
Late Payment Fee (First instance) $25.00
Late Payment Fee (Further instances) $35.00
Bank Dishonour Fee $25.00
Proximity Security Access Cards $30.00 per card
Cranage and Special Access – Price upon application
All other services based upon cost recovery plus staff time and administration.
Marine Precinct Services (Vessel Works)
The schedule of charges are published on the vessel works website and updated from time to time as required.

Last Reviewed: 23/07/2019


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