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Parking fees

Fees as at 1 August 2020

All fees in the following tables are stated inclusive of GST, unless otherwise stated.

Parking fees Charges
Paid parking area - Dive Crescent $6.00
Paid parking area - Cliff Road $5.00
Paid parking area - (off street) $10.00
Paid parking areas - per hour (on and off street) $2.50
Parking buildings - casual Charges
0-1 hours $2.00
1-2 hours $3.00
2-3 hours $5.00
3-4 hours $7.00
4-5 hours $9.00
5-6 hours $11.00
6-7 hours $12.00
7-8 hours $14.00
8+ hours $14.00
Overnight $5.00
Lost ticket $20.00
Parking Buildings - Leased Charges
Spring Street Lease - Covered (monthly) $230.00
Spring Street Lease - Uncovered (monthly) $210.00
Spring Street Lease - Basement (monthly) $290.00
Elizabeth Street Lease - Covered (monthly) $230.00
Elizabeth Street Lease - Uncovered (monthly)  $210.00
Off-Street Leased Carparks Charges
TV 3 Lease $230.00
Kingsview - Lease $230.00
Devonport - Lease $210.00
Dive Crescent - Lease $128.00
Predecent Codes (as set by legislation) Charges
C101 Failing to display current Warrant of Fitness $200.00
C201 No Certificate of Fitness (HMV) $600.00
P101 Parked within an intersection $60.00
P102 Parked within 6 metres of an intersection $60.00
P103 Parked near corner bend rise or intersection $40.00
P104 Parked on or near a pedestrian crossing $60.00
P105 Parked in a prohibited area $40.00
P106 Parked over time limit $12 >**
P107 Parked on a broken yellow line $60.00
P108 Parked in area reserved for hire or reward vehicle $60.00
P109 Parked within 6 metres of a bus stop sign $40.00
P110 Parked obstructing vehicle entrance $40.00
P111 Parked within 500mm of fire hydrant $40.00
P112 Parked between fire hydrant and road marking $40.00
P113 Double parking $60.00
P114 Incorrect kerb parking - left hand side of road (R818) $40.00
P115 Parked on a footpath or cycle path $40.00
P116 Parked a trailer on a road over seven days $40.00
P117 Inconsiderate parking $60.00
P119 Parked on a loading zone $40.00
P120 Incorrect angle parking (reversing into angle park) $40.00
P127 Parked on a flush median/traffic island $40.00
P128 Parked in a special vehicle lane $60.00
P129 Parked on a level crossing $150.00
P130 Parked near a level crossing $150.00
P132 Left passenger service vehicle unattended in a reserved stopping space $60.00
P211 Failed to display valid parking ticket $40.00
P212 Parked a vehicle for purposes display or promotion $40.00
P304 Displaying an expired ticket in a metered zone $12 >**
P344 Parked a heavy motor vehicle in a residential zone for more than 1 hour $40.00
P402 Using an unlicensed vehicle $200.00
P405 Displayed other than authorised motor vehicle licence $200.00
P410 Used vehicle with exemption from continuous licence $200.00
P936 Parked displaying a vehicle for sale $40.00
P969 Parked on a mobility park - no card displayed $150.00
*Incremental increase up to $57.00

Last Reviewed: 08/06/2021

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