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Planning fees

Planning fees and charges information as at 1 July 2023.

Notes to Users - Please Read

Deposit fees are not required for applications unless stated as fixed fees. Fixed fees are non-refundable and will be charged at lodgement of the relevant application. The remaining application types will be charged on a time and cost basis. The overall cost of the application will depend on the type and scope of the work you are proposing. Fees will be invoiced periodically based on actual cost (including any specialist reviews by internal staff based on the hourly rates specified etc.), external experts/specialists, commissioners or external consultants (processing).

To work out how much your application might cost, you may first need to talk to a professional and prepare your initial plans. Application fees Include consent processing, engineering design acceptance, construction audits and clearances, and certification. Fees will be required to be paid before some certificates and decisions will be released as per Section 36AAB of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) Tauranga City Council need not perform the action to which the below Section 36 charges relate until the charge has been paid to it in full. Bond and maintenance/defect liability clearance fees will be invoiced at the relevant time.

Under Section 36AA of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) a default discount policy will apply where a resource consent application is not processed within the timeframe(s) set out in the RMA, and the responsibility for the delay rests with Council.

All fees apply to applications made for resource consent for a qualifying development in an approved special housing area.

No fees are payable for non-notified, restricted discretionary land use consent applications for protected trees made under Chapter 6 of the City Plan.

All fees, deposits and hourly rates are inclusive of GST.

Planning application and monitoring fees Charges
Land Use and Subdivisions Consents Applications
Non-notified Application Deposit Fees
Controlled, Restricted Discretionary, Discretionary and Non-complying Activities  As per hourly rate/actual cost
Unit Title Subdivisions (excluding section 5(1)(g) Certification), cross-lease, boundary adjustment* and amalgamation As per hourly rate/actual cost
Commissioners As per hourly rate/actual cost
* Boundary Adjustment excludes the signing of any subsequent certificates to complete the boundary adjustment
Other Applications - fixed fee unless otherwise stated  
Overseas Investment Certificate
Deemed permitted activity application under section 87BA or 87BB of the RMA#
Sale of Liquor - Section 100(f) (RMA & Building Code)
Right of Way Approvals/Amendment/Cancellation
Alteration/Cancellation of a Building Restriction Line^
Removal of Covenant^
Creation/Amendment/Cancellation of Easement
Cancellation of Amalgamation Condition

Amendment or Cancellation of a Consent notice^
Application for Esplanade Waiver^

As per Hourly rate/actual 
Outline plan of work and waivers^
Notice of requirement for Designation^
All Designation alterations
Designation Removals^
As per Hourly rate/actual cost
E-Dealing Authority and Instruction/Resigning - legal fees to be determined at the time and added in addition $212.00
# If issued as a result of a building consent application, charge recorded against BC as actual time and cost
^ These charges are exclusive of the fee for E-dealing Authority and Instruction
Section 223 and 224 Certification  
Freehold (including boundary adjustments)
Unit Title Subdivisions - Section 223 and 224
Section 32(2)(a) certification
As per Hourly rate/actual cost
Direct Referral  
Direct referral on Notified Application and Requirements As per Hourly rate/actual cost
General Charges
Combined landuse and subdivision consents lodged non-notified (processed as a combined application) As per Hourly rate/actual cost
Cancellation or variation of consent conditions s127 As per Hourly rate/actual cost
Certificate of compliance including amendment to Cross-Lease, existing use (s139), outline plan, extension of lapse date (S125 and S126)  As per Hourly rate/actual cost
Consent transfer or surrender As per Hourly rate/actual cost
For objections under s357 of the RMA, where an objection is to be considered by a hearings commissioner, the cost of considering and making a decision on the objection will be charged as follows:
Commissioner(s) As per Hourly rate/actual cost
Council staff time As per Hourly rate/actual cost
Pre-Application Meetings 
Includes any administrative time, the actual meeting time and includes discussing concepts, preliminary designs, proposed projects, rule assessments, applications ready to be lodged etc.
As per Hourly rate/actual cost
Duty planner advice
Includes all general enquiries received and responded to. There will be no cost incurred over the first hour (one hour free). Once responding to or addressing an enquiry exceeds this first free hour, the enquiry will be treated the same as pre-application advice and be charged accordingly. This includes assessing whether an activity is permitted (if undertaken outside of a pre-application meeting).
As per Hourly rate/actual cost
Monitoring fees Charges
These fees are additional to the processing costs associated with every resource consent that requires monitoring of conditions and is a non-refundable fixed fee. The monitoring administration fee will be charged at the time the consent is issued, and the initial inspection fee included if an inspection is required. Any additional monitoring, investigation and inspection time will be charged when the monitoring has been carried out, at the specified hourly rate  
All Applications  
Monitoring administration associated consent ^  $112.00
Initial site visit/monitoring ^  $337.00
Additional site inspections, investigation, monitoring administration, specialist, consultant fees, travel etc.* ^ As per Hourly rate/actual cost
^ To be charged on land use and subdivision consents separately, including variation/change to consent conditions
* The Council will recover additional costs from the consent holder if more than one inspection, or additional monitoring activities 
(including those relating to non-compliance with consent conditions), are required. Additional charges will apply based on the hourly rate below and/or actual costs of specialists or consultants involved.
Noise Control  
Fee payable by the occupier of a premises who applies to Council for property that has been seized and impounded after the issue of an 
Excessive Noise Direction notice
Fee payable by the occupier of a premises who applies to Council for property that has been seized and impounded after the issue of an 
Abatement Notice
Noise measurement/monitoring (per hour) $245.00
Compliance with any National Environmental Standard As per Hourly rate/actual cost
Tree monitoring - monitoring activities to be charged, regardless of whether the tree related conditions are contained within a separate “tree” specific consent or within a building, land use or subdivision consent.* As per Hourly rate/actual cost
* For clarity, this does not relate to monitoring activities where the works are not ancillary to a principal activity, such as construction, earthworks or sediment control. Instead, these only relate to monitoring activities where tree related works are ancillary to a principal activity, such as earthworks underneath the dripline of a notable tree, and/or sediment controls which may affect a notable  tree, and/or construction of a building or structure within the dripline of a tree or a subdivision that may affect a notable tree.
Plan Change / Heritage Orders Charges
Request for Heritage Order and/or Private Plan Change under First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991 As per Hourly rate/actual cost
Tauranga City Plan  
There is no hard copy updating service for the operative Tauranga City Plan. All access to the Tauranga City Plan will be by electronic means through the Tauranga City Council website. This is free of charge and will provide access to all updated City Plan and Plan Change information. Hard copies may be inspected at the Council’s customer service centre and at all public libraries. Copying of the City Plan provisions can be undertaken upon request in the normal manner at the customer service centre.
Council disbursements (mileage, copying, postage, etc.) may also form part of the costs incurred and may also be invoiced to an applicant on an actual cost basis.
Asset Development Fees  
An Asset Development Fee is charged where an application presents an effect on Council infrastructural assets or where it is proposed to vest assets in Council as part of the development. In this case, the application is also assessed by Council’s Development Engineering team. The Asset Development Fee shall be charged on an actual time and cost basis.
Applications Lodged With The Environmental Protection Agency  
Planning and specialist reports, charged at actual cost plus actual time and cost for administration. Expert evidence/advice charged at actual cost plus 10% administration fee. Legal fees charged at actual cost.
Planning Staff Fees  

The time taken to process an application (including any pre-application time, providing advice etc.) and to undertake associated post-consent work and monitoring will be charged at the relevant scheduled hourly rate, plus the actual cost of any external specialists consultants/commissioners and disbursements. Time will be charged at the hourly rate applicable at the time the work was carried out.

A minimum charge of 15 min will be applied as a starting point.

Interim invoices may be issued.

Staff Hourly Rates Charges
Technical Level 3 - General Manager, Manager, Project Lead, Legal services $281.00
Technical Level 2 - Intermediate, Senior, Principal, Team Leader, Development Engineering, Development Planner, Specialist, Advisor $247.00
Technical Level 1 - Planners and Officers  $191.00
Administration - Administrators, technicians, co-ordinators $146.00
  1. The particular technical hourly rate level is determined by staff competency levels.
  2. Position titles vary across Council.
  3. Where the cost of the external resource involved does not exceed the TCC staff rate, external resource(s) will be charged at the senior/intermediate rate.
  4. Where the cost of the external resource involved exceed the TCC rates, it will be charged at cost.
  5. External resources may be engaged to address either expertise or capacity that is not  available internally.

Debt recovery

Where the Council has issued an invoice for the payment of any fee or charge and the amount invoiced has not been paid by the stated due date on the invoice, the Council may commence debt recovery action.

The Council reserves the right to charge interest, payable from the date the debt became due, and recover costs incurred in pursuing recovery of the debt on a solicitor/client basis as outlined in the Fees and Charges Schedule.

City and Infrastructure Planning Fees Charges
City Planning fees below are based on a cost recovery model taking into account the band based roles based on the productive working hours plus overhead allocation Per hour
Planners $212.00
Policy Planners $212.00
Senior Planning Engineers & Modellers $249.00
Team Leader: Planning & Modelling $286.00
Manager City Infrastructure Planning  $337.00

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