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Planning fees

Development Contributions

Development contributions may be required to be paid on both subdivision consents and land use consents. Council adopted a new development contributions policy which will apply to all consents lodged on or after 1 July 2022.

More information on Development Contributions

Planning fees and charges information

Notes to Users - Please Read

The fees/deposits you pay for an application depend on the type and scope of the work you’re proposing. To work out how much your application might cost, you may first need to talk to a professional and prepare your initial plans. All fees are deposits unless otherwise stated. All fixed fees are non-refundable. Please note that the deposits do not always cover all of the costs of processing an application. Where processing costs exceed the specified deposit, the additional costs will be invoiced separately in accordance with section 36(3) of the RMA. An assessment of total fees will be made based on actual cost (including any specialist reviews by internal staff based on the hourly rates specified etc.), external experts/specialists, commissioners or external consultants (processing). Alternatively, the balance of the deposit will be refunded if it is not required. Interim invoices will be issued. The required fee/deposit must be paid before any processing of the application will commence.

All fees, deposits and hourly rates are inclusive of GST.

Under Section 36AA of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) a default discount policy will apply where a resource consent application is not processed within the timeframe(s) set out in the RMA, and the responsibility for the delay rests with Council.

No fees are payable for non-notified, restricted discretionary land use consent applications for protected trees made under Chapter 6 of the City Plan. This relates solely to the consent application fees and not the monitoring fees. Monitoring activities are still to be charged, as described under the relevant section below.

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