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Building forms

A list of building and property related forms.

Before you build forms

Building consents can be complex. We recommend you work with an experienced professional, such as an architect or designer, to help with design work, drawings, specifications and documentation before applying.

Before you build forms Online PDF Word
Section 72 - Building Act Certificate - (148kb pdf) -
Section 75 - Building Act Certificate - (66kb pdf) -
Application for Encumbrance Instrument - (104kb pdf) -
Apply for a LIM Online - -
Order your property file Online - -
Apply for a PIM Online - -

Types of building projects

Building forms Online PDF Word
Apply for residential building consent Online - -
Accessible facilities report template - (324kb pdf) -
Apply for solid fuel heater Online - -

Building consent applications

Building consent applications are submitted online or via hardcopy. If you need assistance with your application, please call 07 577 7000 and ask for the Duty Building Officer.

Building consent application forms Online PDF Word
Apply for a building consent Online - -
On-site application for minor variations to approved plans - (64kb pdf) (259kb docx)
On-site application for minor variations to approved plans for Plumbing and Drainage only - (64kb pdf) (259kb docx)
Statutory declaration as to owner-builder status - (34kb pdf) (80kb doc)
Service connection application (SCA) Online - -
T414 Application for extension of time - Starting the Building work - (59kb pdf) -

Inspections and approvals

Make sure all the boxes are ticked on your final build. 

Inspection and approval forms Online PDF Word
Apply for code compliance certificate - (295kb pdf) (1mb doc)
T414a Application for extension - completing the Building work - (59kb pdf) -
Apply for certificate of public use  - (417kb pdf) (1.2mb doc)
Apply for building warrant of fitness - - (40kb doc)
Apply for a third-party inspection - (160kb pdf) (135kb doc)
Third party report lodgement form - (75kb pdf) -
Self-certified inspection form - - (355kb doc)

Other application forms

Application Online PDF Word
Producer statement construction form (PS3) - (106kb pdf) (1.5mb docx)
T-413 Building Location Certificate form - (39kb pdf) (33kb docx)
Advice of Licensed Building Practitioner(s) - (214kb pdf) -
Alternative Solutions – proposal supporting document - (91kb pdf) (58kb doc)
Plumbing and drainage Online PDF Word
A3 - Drainage Asbuilt Plan - (135kb pdf) -
A4 - Drainage Asbuilt Plan - (94kb pdf) -
Drainage Asbuilt Guidance and Example - (359kb pdf) -
Underfloor Plumbing Asbuilt Guidance and Example - (160kb pdf) -
T 809 - Wet Weather Self- Verification Drainage Example   (2mb pdf)  
T 809 - Wet Weather Self- Verification Drainage Template     (44kb docx)
Self check sheets Online PDF Word
Block fill walls (pre-concrete pour) - (105kb pdf) -
Foundations - (97kb pdf) -
Floor slab (Pre-concrete pour) - (92kb pdf) -
Waste pipes (Under concrete slab) - (143kb pdf) -
Pre-wrap - (17kb pdf) -
Pre-cladding (previously known as post-wrap) - (14kb pdf) -


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