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Apply for a service connection (SCA)

A service connection application, or SCA, must be completed and an approval issued for all connections to Council owned infrastructure. 

Connections to Council's water supply system are normally arranged through the subdivision or building consent process. All connections to Council infrastructure (with the exception of a vehicle crossing) must be carried out by a Council approved contractor listed below.

List of companies who have Council approved contractors (90kb pdf)

If you have any questions regarding approved contractors, please contact Jessica Stratton at Tauranga City Council.

Last Reviewed: 24/08/2018

as 1 July 2018

Service connection fees Charges
Service connection application fee $90.00
Water, wastewater and stormwater connection inspection fees $140.00
Refundable asset protection bond $1000.00 for residential or $2000.00 for commercial
Bond processing and inspection fee $208.70 or  $287.00 with a vehicle crossing

There is a maximum charge of $280.00 to cover all water/drainage inspection fees.

Last Reviewed: 18/07/2018

Asset protection bond

An asset protection bond is a deposit against the potential damage to Council assets during building and development work and is usually part of a building consent application.

It is also required for vehicle crossings and stormwater, water and wastewater connections. The asset protection bond is a cash deposit only and means that, if necessary, any damages caused can be repaired using the bond funds.

When the works are completed to the required standard, the bond will be refunded when the final inspection has taken place and we have received the as-built information for the service connections.

Asset protection bond information sheet (1.6mb pdf)

Last Reviewed: 14/09/2018

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