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Stormwater is rain. The purpose of the stormwater system is to provide a safe way for rainwater to drain away from where we live, work and play, and prevent flooding.

Stormwater that runs off properties, roads and footpaths goes straight into the city’s stormwater system. This ends up directly in the Tauranga harbour, which means it’s important that this water is as clean as possible.

What can you do to help protect our waterways (2.9mb pdf)

Before you get to work on any outdoor washing activities it’s also a good idea to make sure your water use is in line with the Water Watchers Plan.

Tauranga’s stormwater network includes over 460km of stormwater pipes, 9800 manholes, 75km of open drains and more than 800 outlets that release stormwater into the harbour, rivers and ocean. 

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